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Eat Out To Help Out in Birmingham: Tierra Tacos At Cork And Cage

Tierra Tacos

One of the big advantages of the Eat Out To Help Out scheme is being tempted into trying some new-to-you places, and getting some pretty budget friendly nights out.

I don’t spend a lot of time in Stirchley, which is pretty criminal of me, as loads of my friends live there, and there’s loads of cool shit in the area.

One thing I can never resist is a good taco (I’m still mourning that taco pop-up that used to be in the JQ, anyone else remember that?) so Tierra Tacos at Cork & Cage was a no-brainer.

As if the tacos themselves weren’t enough to tempt me into Stirchley, the fact that Tierra Tacos is run by the same people who run the amazing Tiger Bites Pig.

Tierra Tacos - eat out to help out

The menu is simple, and features four traditional taco (£3.50 per taco) recipes (with a vegan version of two of the recipes available too) and a range of sides.

The taco themselves are made with handmade corn tortillas, made fresh every day. Between us, my dining companion and I ordered all the taco options. The Pork Carnitas was a touch sweet for my taste. Carnitas should be sweet, but there was a sharpness missing. More of the pink pickled onions would have helped cut the sweetness a bit I think.

The Mole Beef was better, with a gently building heat, softened by the gooey cheese. The pomegranate added a fresh note that balanced the whole thing. Like the Carnitas, the Baha Fish lacked punch. The fish itself was tasty and cooked perfectly, and the smokiness of the charred corn paired well, but again, I’d have liked a sharp note in there.


My favourite was the Chicken Tinga, which was spicy, with plenty of zing from the radishes and the pico de galo in the mix. Sides are £3 each, but we skipped them in favour of the Totopos (£3), which are fried corn tortillas, served with guacamole and a house salsa. If good guac is a selling point for you, as it is for me, you won’t be disappointed.

Cork n Cage beers

Add in some of Cork and Cage’s excellent options for beers and spirits, and you’ve got a tasty, well-priced dinner.

I wouldn’t head here purposely for dinner, I don’t think, but at £.3.50, the tacos make excellent companions for your beer.

What’s the deal on Eat Out To Help Out?

Tierra Tacos is on the Eat Out To Help Out scheme, so you get 50% off, for up to £10 a head, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Discount only applies to food and soft drinks, not alcohol.

Any other deals?

Get yourself on the Independent Birmingham app and you can get three tacos for £9. Bargain.

Is it COVID-19 safe?

Tables are well-spaced out, and there’s hand sanitiser at the door as you enter. Drinks are ordered with table service. To order tacos, mark off what you want on a tick sheet, so you don’t have to approach anybody.

Do I need to book?

Walk-ins are available, but booking is advised. There’s a £10 deposit to book a table, but you get this back against what you order when you’re there.

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