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5 Free and Easy SEO tips for bloggers


SEO is one of the best tools at a blogger’s fingertips. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and if you get it right, you can really boost your traffic, without spending any cash. Combining good SEO practice with a good understanding of what your Google Analytics is telling you is a great way to grow your blog. So let’s get into five easy SEO tips for bloggers.

Easy SEO tips for bloggers


Keyword research is a little old hat now, and doesn’t hold the weight it used to, but it still has a place in boosting your search traffic. Pick a keyword for your post. Depending on the content, this could be ‘SEO’, or ‘Autumn trends’ or ‘healthy brunch recipe’. Whatever the main point of your post is. Take this keyword and use it everywhere, as naturally as you can. Try and work the word into your main blog post, use it in your image names and use it in your title. Title’s are important. Make them relevant, and using your keyword. Don’t use something obscure.

Link building

Good quality links is a big influence on how Google decides where to rank your site. Link naturally, but link well. Where it’s relevant, link back to your own content and link out to other, good quality sources. Keep an eye on broken links though, and either amend or remove them.

Alt Tags

Don’t leave your image called the random string of numbers your camera spits out. As you’re adding images in, give them relevant titles and alt tags. Alt tags tell google what the image is of. This is good practice, as it makes your site more accessible for those using screen readers, but it also helps Google’s bots figure out the your post is a good source for that keyword you chose earlier.


There lots of great tools out there to help you boost your SEO. If you’re a WordPress user, try the Yoast SEO Plugin. Yoast will help you optimise every post you write, by measuring it’s readability to suggesting whether you need more images. Moz can help you measure whether it’s working, by showing you how your Domain Authority is shaping up.

Social media

SEO can also be helped along by some good social traffic. Make sure your posts are easy for your reader to share, whether it’s with some sort of ‘share it’ buttons on the post itself, or by actively encouraging people to share. Share your posts yourself, using relevant hashtags, and tagging brands you’ve spoken about. This can help traffic and shares.

Five easy SEO tips anyone can do! What do you find works for your SEO?

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