Easy Picnic Ideas For Lazy Picnickers

Lazy Picnic Ideas

Originally, I’d planned to share some recipes for drinks to take on picnics, now that we can sit outside in groups of six again, but then I remembered that I’m lazy and that the likelihood of me mixing drinks to take on a picnic (and not end up them with them leaking everywhere) was pretty slim. So instead, here are some easy picnic ideas so you can have a fancy picnic without any effort at all, which is what I would actually do.

Easy Picnic Tips

Picnic Food

You could make some effort, and make some food, or you could just buy the lot, already prepped for you. I know which option I’d choose.

The easiest option is to buy a load of ready-prepped bits from the supermarket. All supermarkets have things like pots of fancy olives, packets of nice meats, and so on. I usually grab a few things like this, some nice cheese, and posh crisps. Personally, I avoid anything that needs cutting, because I don’t want to pack a knife or deal with any prep, but you could also buy some good bread too if you’re going to pack a knife and proper plates.

The next step up from a supermarket picnic is an M&S picnic. Go wild in the food hall, and you’ll be all set. The snack game at Marks & Spencer’s is top tier, so you’ll have no problem finding delicious things that are perfect for picnicking.

If you have a good deli or a farm shop near you, then this is the peak of picnicking, so buy your bits here. This is a good bet if you’re feeling extra fancy, or are having a picnic to celebrate a special occasion.

Easy Picnic Ideas

Picnic Drinks

There are dozens of recipes online for fancy picnic drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, but personally, I can’t be bothered to spend time trying to bottle a load of drinks, especially as I know the lid will just come off in my bag and soak everything. No thank you.

If you’re going to drink alcohol, but are worried about taking glass out, then opt for cans. If you’re a beer drinker, you’re set, but what if you want wine or cocktails? If you’re buying your food from the supermarket, hit the alcohol aisle as well. Most supermarkets have a range of cocktails and fizz in single-serving cans. These are ideal for picnics. You can grab them from the chilled fridge on your way, so they’ll still be nice and cold when you drink them. If you want to risk glass, you can buy those single-glass bottles of wine too.

Picnic Accessories

Decide whether you want something to sit on or whether you’re happy to just sit on the grass. If you want a blanket, just grab one from home. I’ve never bothered to buy a proper picnic blanket, and I’m willing to bet that most of you, like me, have plenty of blankets on your sofa or bed. Just take one of those and wash it when you get back home. If you’re too bougie to sit on the floor, head somewhere with picnic tables.

To truly embrace the easy picnic vibe, just buy all your food on the way there. That way, you don’t need to find anything to pack it in or worry about keeping any of it cool. If you’re buying in advance, you could go for a fancy picnic set. I have a lovely one that I was given by a friend, with plates and cutlery and everything, but to be honest, there’s not much room for food in there, so I usually just chuck everything into a bag. If you need to keep drinks cold, buy some ice packs to put in with them.

I try to avoid taking anything that needs to be eaten on a plate or with cutlery. The advantage of buying cans is that you don’t need any cups or glasses wither. If you do need stuff like this, opt for paper or plastic, so you don’t break anything.

After you’re done, remember to pack up all your rubbish and either throw it away, or bring it home with to recycle it. Don’t be a dick and leave litter everywhere.

Who is planning a picnic soon? What are you gonna take?

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Easy Picnic Ideas For Lazy Picnickers

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