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Dishoom, Birmingham

Dishoom Wrestler Naan

Is there anyone left in Birmingham who hasn’t been to try out the new Dishoom yet? Part of the new Paradise development, Dishoom was one of the names people were most excited about coming to the city.

Dishoom is inspired by the old Irani cafes and the food of Bombay. The Birmingham branch, the eighth in the chain, was supposed to open back in April. For obvious reasons, it did not.

The restaurant is now open for a soft launch, so until August 6th, you can get 50% off food.

Inside, the restaurant feels like a bustling Bombay cafe, with dark wood, intriguing packaging stacked everywhere, and a delicious scent of spice throughout.

I’ve been in twice during the soft launch period to test out their foodie offerings (it’s a hard job, but someone has to do it).

My first visit was for lunch. In the interest of trying as many things as possible, I opted to skip the mains and just order a bunch of the small plates to share with my husband. The small plates vary in price from £2.90 to £7.20, and a few shared make for an excellent lunch.

Don’t miss the Chilli Chicken (£6.90). The dish is inspired by Chinese food, and is flavoured with garlic, ginger, and soy, and is a crispy, sticky, spicy delight. Another highlight is the Keema Pau (£6.50). You get a bowl full of smokey, comforting spiced lamb, and a toasted, buttered bun to dunk in it.

The Khichia & Chundo (£2.90) is a twist on the classic popadoms and chutney. These salty treats come with a pot of apple chutney for dunking, which is a nice twist on the usual mango.

As for drinks, there’s a list of wines, beers, and cocktails, as well as lassis, teas, and coffees. The Viceroy’s Old Fashioned (£10.50) is a sexy take on an (surprise) Old Fashioned. Woodford Reserve Bourbon is muddled with green tea and bay leaf reduction. Smokey, boozy, thanks, I’ll take ten.

As usual, I skipped on the pudding in favour of a Dishoom Old Fashioned (£9.50), which ticked all the boxes for me, while my husband opted for the Naughty Chocolate Chai (£7.20), which is the house chai with added chocolate and a shot of Bourbon.

Dishoom Wrestler Naan

One of the big things that makes people queue around the block is the breakfast naans. Famous for being the ultimate hangover cure, these things have quite the reputation, so I went back for a second visit to try them out.

The Wrestler’s Naan Roll (£9.90) is a freshly baked naan crammed with crispy bacon, sausages, and a fried egg. I’d have liked a runnier egg, but the breakfast naans certainly live up to their reputation as the ultimate morning fuel-up. Good coffee too.

You can book a table to get the 50% off until August 6th, and walk-in tables are available too.

COVID-19 Information: all the tables in Dishoom are well spaced out. Hand sanitiser is available on entry, and on your table. All staff are wearing masks, cutlery arrives at the table covered, and social distancing is in place. Read more here.

I visited during a soft launch period, so all food was 50% off. This deal is available to any visitor. Drinks were paid for in full. All prices and Coronavirus protocols correct at the time of writing.

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