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Digbeth Dining Club, 2nd June

The Frenchie

Dave and I had our friend Nick staying with us for convention purposes this weekend, and after a day on the convention floor, you always need some major refuelling. There’s no better place to eat excessively than Digbeth Dining Club. We managed to bag a table and set out to forage to food.

Soft Serve Coffee

Usually, I like to do a lap of the place to stare at all the options before I decide what to eat first, but almost immediately on arriving, I spied There Goes Coffee and made a beeline for them. They were serving up their Soft Serve Coffee which I haven’t actually tried, so naturally, ordered immediately. They use freshly brewed espresso with Vanilla soft serve, making a Vanilla Latte in an ice cream form, basically. It was gorgeous, and really is exactly like a Vanilla Latte. I must eat more.

Next stop was Bare Bones Pizza for a Garlic Bread to share between the three of us. We liberally sloshed ours with Balsamic, which I recommend, and all thoroughly enjoyed the buttery, garlicky goodness.

The Frenchie

Dave and I moved to The Gravy Train for some poutine. For those not the in the know, poutine is a Canadian dish of chips topped with cheese curds and gravy. I tried The Frenchie, which is a classic poutine with maple bacon, garlic mushrooms, and red onion marmalade. It was delicious, with loads of squeaky cheese, piles of juicy mushrooms and rich gravy. The fries are good quality, and was so vast a portion I couldn’t finish it.

The Pioneer

Dave’s The Pioneer was poutine with BBQ shredded chicken, maple bacon and sour cream. The chicken was seriously moist, and the gravy was rich and tasty.

Meanwhile, Nick was at The Paneer Wrap Co, where he was unable to choose between the Tradtional One and The Spicy One and so ordered a combo. This stall smelt incredible, and Nick let me try a mouthful of the wrap. It was packed full of soft paneer, with a delicate blend of delicious spices, flavoursome heat and crunchy salad.

Halloumi Fries

Sticking on the cheese theme, we shared some Halloumi Fries from Street Chef. Coated in (I think) a yogurt dressing, these were fried slices of gooey, squidgy heaven. I love Halloumi.

Baby Back Ribs

Dave continued his love affair with Dick’s Smokehouse. As always, the Honey & Bourbon Baby Back Ribs fell off the bone practically as soon as you looked at them. Juicy, flavoursome meat, and piles of red cabbage ‘slaw disappeared in short order.

The Lottery Winner

Finally, Nick tried The Lottery Winner from Urban Cheesecake. I’ve eaten this beauty before, so can vouch for the excellent thick layer of buttery biscuit, rich salted caramel sauce and creamy middle.

Safe to say, Nick’s already planning his next visit to Birmingham so he can go back to Digbeth Dining Club…

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