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Digbeth Dining Club – 17th February

Despite living in Birmingham for just over a year, Dave has never made it to Digbeth Dining Club, which is basically a crime, so a few weeks back, we gatecrashed Bite Your Brum‘s date night with her husband, and went to pop Dave’s DDC cherry.

I cannot choose what I want to eat at DDC without doing at least two circuits of the whole place and staring at all the food trucks. We actually did several laps, searching for Flying Cows, who it turned out, weren’t actually there.

Pulled Pork

Baby Back Ribs

Dick’s Smokehouse

Luckily, we were able to console ourselves with a visit to Dick’s Smokehouse. We both love low ‘n’ slow style BBQ. I went for the Cherry Smoked Pulled Pork, which is crammed into a brioche bun, with an apple and fennel relish. The bun really is packed full, making a gloriously messy burger. Be prepared to be covered in sauce, but the pulled pork is succulent and full of delicious smoky flavour.

Dave chose the Honey & Bourbon Baby Back Ribs. The gently spiced sauce was generous slathered over incredibly tender ribs. The meat all but fell off the bone when picked up. The accompanying picked red cabbage added freshness. To sum up how good these were, when I asked Dave for his thoughts on them for this write-up, he became very sad he didn’t have any right then.

Truffle Shuffle

Patatas Bravas

Fancy Fries

Next stop was Francy Fries. I can’t resist truffle, so I had to try the Truffle Shuffle. Hand cut fries loaded with truffle and parmesan. The fries were crisp and tasty, but I would have liked a touch more truffle.

Dave tried the Patatas Bravas. The potato was loaded in a really rich tomato salsa and crisp chorizo. The potatoes themselves were crisp outside and fluffy inside. It went down a treat, although could have used a touch more sauce.

Digbeth Dining Club is held every Thursday – Saturday at Spotlight in Digbeth. We paid in ourselves in full and nobody was aware I’m a blogger. All images, words and opinions are my own (or Dave’s). 

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