Cosplay and Upcoming Appearances

I’m a Birmingham based cosplayers, and can regularly be found on the British convention circuit. As a cosplayer, I’ve been featured in local and national press and appeared at promotional and charity events, including pre-launch events for Batman: Arkham Knight with Game and shooting a charity calendar for Baby Lifeline.

Keep an eye on this page for details of which conventions or events I’ll be attending. I’d love to meet some of you, so please do let me know if you’re hitting up the same convention! If you’d like to book me for your event, you can contact me at

I am available for bookings as a cosplayer, panellist, contest judge or speaker, whether you need a cosplay guest for your convention or a character for promo work at your shop or cinema. To discuss bookings, you can email me at

As well as cosplaying under Caramel Latte Kiss, I am one half of Safe Harbour Cosplay, alongside my partner in crime, David Whitney. We work together at conventions and events across the country. Our main costume is X-Men’s Rogue and Gambit, but we have lots more team-ups in the works. Watch this space!

Upcoming Conventions and appearances

Event Information:

  • Birmingham Fashion Week Day One

    On Friday, I jammed Tom's camera and a pair of heels into my work bag, and scurried off to the second annual Birmingham International Fashion Week.
    The event was held in the Banqueting Suite on Victoria Square. The space was beautiful (if perhaps a bit small for the amount of seats they tried to squeeze in). Half of the room was dedicated to the catwalk, with the other hosting a bar, the champagne sponsor and a selection of stalls from What Alice Found, Make-Up London Academy, and the Francesco Group.

    I'm going to get my moans out of the way first, before showing you the collections I saw. The first night was, to be frank, a shambles. Nobody had any idea where press were supposed to be. They were more people with tickets for the FRow than there were seats. The press goody-bags we were promised were non-existant. Lots of us bloggers were shoved into the third row where nothing could be seen, and yet were asked to take lots of pictures. I didn't even get that lucky, and ended up squished into a gap under some speakers, stood up and trying to snap from there. I did manage to move later on into the photographer's pit. The sound was dreadful, at deafening volumes and with random bursts of either sound from backstage or the wrong song. It was a real shame, as the collections, the models and the stalls were excellent. It is only the second year this event has happened, so perhaps they're still learning. There were a lot of unhappy people on Twitter though, complaining that they'd paid for seats and goody-bags they didn't get.

    Anyway, enough complaining, and onto the clothes!

    Koyawo London

    I liked the collection from Koyawo. It had clear Asian influences with a lot of the cuts and detailing but seemed quite classic at the same time.
    Khloe Nova
    Khloe Nova wasn't to my taste at all. It was very...WAG? It looked like clubwear, and was all tiny. See-through skirts, boobs covered by thin strips of PVC, skirts that didn't cover the model's whole bum...yeah, not for me.
    Textures was very pretty, with a lot of velvets, sequins and bright patterns.
    House of Borgezie
    House of Borgezie was beautiful. The dresses were apparently inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge, and were simple, chic shapes in bright, primary colours. The real stand-outs though were the accessories. Each dress was shown with a huge metal belt, and a big, chunky choker necklace. Very stunning visually, but I think wearable with the right look.
    Nina Naustdel
    This was the largest and my personal favourite collection from the first night. Pretty party wear in great cuts, with a  lot of sparkle detail. Nice.
    Despite the disorganisation, I had a great night. The collections were good, the models were brilliant and I met a few lovely people. Day Two will be up tomorrow!