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I’m a Birmingham based cosplayers, and can regularly be found on the British convention circuit. As a cosplayer, I’ve been featured in local and national press and appeared at promotional and charity events, including pre-launch events for Batman: Arkham Knight with Game and shooting a charity calendar for Baby Lifeline.

Keep an eye on this page for details of which conventions or events I’ll be attending. I’d love to meet some of you, so please do let me know if you’re hitting up the same convention! If you’d like to book me for your event, you can contact me at

I am available for bookings as a cosplayer, panellist, contest judge or speaker, whether you need a cosplay guest for your convention or a character for promo work at your shop or cinema. To discuss bookings, you can email me at

As well as cosplaying under Caramel Latte Kiss, I am one half of Safe Harbour Cosplay, alongside my partner in crime, David Whitney. We work together at conventions and events across the country. Our main costume is X-Men’s Rogue and Gambit, but we have lots more team-ups in the works. Watch this space!

Upcoming Conventions and appearances

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  • Roller Derby Day

    Roller Derby
    Last weekend, I headed home to Hereford for a night of drinking and dancing to Motown for my friend's birthday. On Sunday, I found myself at the Leisure Centre, watching four teams of women skate round a track and slam the hell out of each other.
    Sunday was part of the Heartland Series, Europe's biggest Roller Derby tournament. I saw four teams from the North West division; Evolution Rollergirls, Haunted City Rollers, Reaper Roller Girls and Hereford Roller Girls.
    Roller DerbyRoller Derby
    Reaper Roller Girls and Hereford Roller Girls both left victorious. The bouts were my first time seeing Roller Derby played for real (no, Whip It doesn't count). I knew the basic rules, so could follow the action, and found that by half-time in the second game, I was following things much more easily and beginning to understand who was doing well, what decisions they were making and why, and hollering encouragement at Hereford's Jammers.
    Roller Derby
    Basically? Roller Derby is a bloody awesome sport. It's fast, it's furious and it's fun. I'm currently on the waiting list for the next intake for Coventry City Derby Dolls, although in the meantime, I'm looking into joining the league as an NSO (Non Skating Official) so I can learn the rules properly and get to know some skaters. I can't wait.
    Roller Derby