Cosplay and Upcoming Appearances

I’m a Birmingham based cosplayers, and can regularly be found on the British convention circuit. As a cosplayer, I’ve been featured in local and national press and appeared at promotional and charity events, including pre-launch events for Batman: Arkham Knight with Game and shooting a charity calendar for Baby Lifeline.

Keep an eye on this page for details of which conventions or events I’ll be attending. I’d love to meet some of you, so please do let me know if you’re hitting up the same convention! If you’d like to book me for your event, you can contact me at

I am available for bookings as a cosplayer, panellist, contest judge or speaker, whether you need a cosplay guest for your convention or a character for promo work at your shop or cinema. To discuss bookings, you can email me at

As well as cosplaying under Caramel Latte Kiss, I am one half of Safe Harbour Cosplay, alongside my partner in crime, David Whitney. We work together at conventions and events across the country. Our main costume is X-Men’s Rogue and Gambit, but we have lots more team-ups in the works. Watch this space!

Upcoming Conventions and appearances

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  • Friday Round Up

    Links, loves and lomograms from the past week.

    Friday Round Up
    1. Eyeliner and a red lip for a night out back home with The Courtyard Crew
    2. Roller Derby mayhem as part of the Heartland Series
    3. Preparing for St Patrick's Day at work. Digbeth has the third largest St Patrick's Day parade in the world.
    So! Quite the busy week. On Saturday I was on the train on my back home to Hereford. Every time I go back, it's changed again. The new shopping complex at Edgar Street is looking way more like actual buildings than last time I was there. It's going to be pretty good when it's finished, I think. A visit home would not be complete without a trip to my old haunt, The Lichfield Vaults with Penny (Rats as Big as Cats) and Dave. After a suitable amount of gin had been consumed, we joined up with other Courtyard folk at a club having a Funk, Soul and Motown night. More gin and a lot of dancing followed. It was brilliant fun.
    I've already posted about it, but Sunday was Roller Derby time. Needless to say, I am entirely smitten with the sport.
    The week itself has been busy at work, and I've finally actually got out for a run. I've started on the Couch to 5k program again. Fingers crossed I complete it this time!
    Last night was a quiet one, spent on the sofa watching My Week With Marilyn. If you haven't see it, you must. Michelle Williams makes a wonderful Marilyn. She's got the mannerisms down to a tee.
    I've been linking away as usual too. Here's this week's links.
    Surprise, surprise, Reddit is still being a cesspit of the internet and a gathering of perverts.
    These cartoons a very shrewd look at anxiety.