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Cosplay: Art Nouveau Rogue

At MCM London the other week, I unveiled a new costume. I was part of an Art Nouveau superheroes group, as Art Nouveau Rogue. I thought it would be interesting to give new costumes a little write up, on the inspiration, the design and the build process, as well as the experience of wearing the thing.

Art Nouveau Rogue
Photographer: Sandy Smith Photography. Costume made by: Nettle Cosplay

We were inspired by Hannah Alexander‘s beautiful art nouveau redesigns of characters including Disney Princesses, Sailor Moon and Pokemon. We decided to create our own versions rather than copy one of her designs, and as we all already cosplay X-Men together, it seemed the obvious choice. Here’s the other girls, Tesseract Cosplay, who were Phoenix, Emma Frost and Ms Marvel. Ms Marvel’s photoshoot images aren’t back yet, so I’ve pinched her photo in the Iron Throne…

Art Nouveau Superheroes
Photos: Sandy Smith Photography, apart from Iron Throne.

For my costume, we combined the dress shapes from art nouveau pictures, and Rogue’s classic 90s colour scheme. The dress is low at the back too, which is so pretty, if bloody awkward for bra wearing. The dress is made in velvet, which was definitely pretty warm for that weekend, but looked beautiful. I was very pleased with the shoes I found too. I managed to find shoes in the perfect shade of deep golden yellow, that laced up the ankle like a ballet shoe. I was surprised how comfortable they were actually, despite the height of the heel.

Rogue Cosplay
Photographer: Sandy Smith Photography. Costume: made by Nettle Cosplay

The cloak was my favourite part. Made in velour, it’s soft to the touch and photographs really well. Plus it was windy, so I got some excellent cloak billowing going on. The gloves are the usual ones from my Rogue cosplay, but I plan on replacing them with some prettier ones, preferably a 1930s style driving glove, if I can find some in yellow or green.

MCM London Cosplay
Photographer: Sandy Smith Photography

Makeup wise, I attempted that classic 30s rosebud lip, where you under draw at the edges and overdraw the bottom lip. It looked great when I did it, but it was so hot, the lipstick was so soft it refused to stay, and just ended up a regular lipstick. It was a shame, but still looked good.

The flower crown I bought purely because it lit up, and I couldn’t find one in only yellow. This also will likely be upgraded later.

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