Cosplay 101: What Should I Take To a Convention?

Cosplay 101

Conventions are fun places to be, but it can be super tiring, and hard on your costumes. Pack yourself a little cosplay convention survival kit and it’ll make your day much easier. Here’s my top items that you should take to a convention.

Plasters  – Because cosplay shoes are often stupid and give blisters. Pack some plasters so you can cover any rubbed places on your feet. You can buy proper blister plaster which are great if your shoes are rubbing the back of your heels.

Sewing kit  – Cosplay mishaps happen. Packing a small sewing kit with some thread and sewing needles is an excellent idea in case of accidents. Not all cons have a cosplay repair desk. Throw some safety pins in too.

Hairpins – If you’re wearing a wig, or have created a fancy hairdo, pack some spare pins, in case of slipping. A hair band or two wouldn’t hurt either.

Business cards  – Take your cards, so you can give them to people who take your photo so they can find you afterwards.

Makeup – At the least, take some face powder to reduce shine, and whatever lip product you’ve used so you can reapply after eating and drinking.

Water  – Drink lots of it. Please? Bottled water is always over priced at cons, so if you can, take a bottle in with you.

Phone charger or power bar  – You will hammer your phone battery taking photos. Take something to charge it with so you don’t get stranded.

Cash  – Don’t assume the stalls will accept card. Lots don’t, and the queues for the cash machine are always hideous. Take cash out before you get to the con.

Optional extras  – Pack some snacks, or sandwiches if you’re really organised, to save spending on convention food. Pain killers, tissues and make-up wipes are a great idea too for surprise headaches, spills or snotty noses. Cosmetic tape can save you from cosplay slips.


Pack your survival kit into a bag that goes with your costume, and away you go!

Anything other convention essentials I’ve missed?