The photo has zero to do with the blog post. Consider it an out-take. A blurry shot from my attempting to photograph my lipstick for my review, that actually turned out kinda cool.

So yeah, confidence. This is going to be a bit of a rambley muse sort of post. I just read this post by Bangs and a Bun, about her skin troubles. It interested me the way she talked about the difficulty of even talking about it, let alone posting a picture of herself on the internet with no make-up. Confidence is such an elusive thing. For some women, going without make-up is no fuss at all, for others it’s enough to bring them out in a cold sweat, but they may be super confident about something else.

Confidence means something different to everyone I think. The internet seems to have sprung a whole load of new ways to build up, or of course totally destroy your confidence. Bloggers regularly put themselves out there to be scrutinised. Outfit pictures, face of the day shots; it all gets viewed and judged. And you either find you can’t take that and stop, or it bolsters you and you find it easier to share something of yourself.

Writing this makes me think of a blog I follow on Tumblr. I won’t name it’s author, as I’m not sure how she’d feel about me discussing her feelings, but she’s great. I first got to know her through a forum. I no longer post there, but the girls I used to speak with, including this blogger, were incredibly inspiring and intelligent and I still care for them all. There were introduction to the feminist leanings I have now. Anyway, so this blogger, for as long as I knew her had real struggles with her confidence. She had some serious body loathing going on. So she started joining in with a little Tumblr thing called ‘Topless Tuesday’. Ever heard of it? It does pretty much what it says on the tin. I know very little about what the norm with it is, but with this blogger, it was never graphic. It wasn’t meant to titillate. She does it in a tasteful way, so you see very little flesh, and she does it to show herself she can overcome her body hang-ups. She sees those photos as proof that she can do anything. It’s a confidence boost.

Now this is a pretty extreme method, and personally, I think posting pictures like that on the internet is a dangerous thing. You never know where they go after you hit post, right? But it does show that sometimes finding your confidence means doing something that scares you. Leaving the house without make-up, talking to someone new, going for a new job…if we never did anything scary we’d never get anywhere.

Perhaps that should be a goal for 2012. Do something despite being scared of it. You never know where it’ll take you.