Coming Off Hiatus

*Taps mic* Hello? Is this thing on?

Well…it’s been a minute, huh? A global pandemic is not an ideal time to be a food blogger, it must be said. I took a break at the end of 2019, while I was putting my time into wedding planning. I started to come back in early 2020, but then, for obvious reasons, I went back on hiatus.

I don’t know what blogging is going to look like this year, but I think I can tentatively say that, like Alyssa Edwards, I’m back, back, back, back, back again. Posts might be a little sporadic for the time being, but as things start to reopen again, I’ll be back out and reviewing.

I have a few things lined up for you already, including some delicious things you can eat at home if like me, you’re not sure you’re ready to head back out to restaurants. I’ve also got an exciting opening to cover soon, which I’m really looking forward to.

Over the next few weeks, I’m not sure what Caramel Latte Kiss will look like. I have one meal booked for next weekend, but I’m being very cautious about going back out, so it may be a while before reviews are as regular as they once were. When I do start writing about restaurants again, I’ll try to add any helpful information regarding safety measures, as well as pricing, as I’m sure there’s more than a few of a you worrying about that more than usual right now.

Keep your eyes peeled for some new content appearing next week, and then we’ll see what happens. I’ve missed you.

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