Coffee Break

Let’s take a little pause and have a moment of calm in the mid-week madness. Pop the kettle on, find a coffee shop with good cake…whatever you like. Let’s just chill for a moment.
Making me happy this week:
  • Tea on the train – I’ve been making a cuppa at home and popping it in single serving vacuum flask (is that the proper name for those) that I pinched from my dad ages ago. It makes a lot of difference having a warm drink to clutch while I’m shivering away on the platform at Coventry station waiting for my train at 8am.
  • Aeroplanes waiting to take off – My train to work takes me past Birmingham International, and for some reason I like taking a pause from my book to peer at the planes all lined up ready to go off on adventures. Is that strange?
  • Castle – Tom and I have got into a bit of routine since moving in together. He gets home before me, so is generally in charge of dinner. We settle down with food and watch an episode or two of Castle on the sofa. It’s a small thing, but a part of my day that I really look forward to.
  • Fashion Week plans – I’m intending on going to the Saturday of London Fashion Week, and I’m enjoying plotting outfits, potential manicures and blogger stalking. Bliss.
Currently reading: The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett