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Coast to Coast, Birmingham

On Friday last week, Dave and I were both still off work and celebrating my birthday. We decided to go and visit the Sea life Centre, but first, we obviously needed to fuel up. Dave had a voucher for money off food at Coast to Coast, and as it was near the Sea life Centre, we decided to pop in to their Broad Street restaurant.

We’d never actually eaten at Coast to Coast before, beyond the portion of Calamari I ate as a Superbowl snack, but when we chose it as our Superbowl viewing venue, we were impressed. We liked the interior, the music and the drinks, so it seemed a good bet for a quick lunch.

Now, it is a pet peeve of mine when a restaurant wait until after you’ve ordered to tell you that something is unavailable. Unfortunately, this happened and our waitress had to return to our table a few minutes after we’d ordered, to tell me the Roadside Sliders I wanted were sold out. As it was 12.30 on a Friday, this was a little annoying, as it was likely they’d sold out the night before. Why couldn’t they have told me when I tried to order in the first place?

Coast to Coast, Birmingham

Instead, I switched my order to a Bacon and Cheese Burger, which comes with fries and slaw. The burger itself was pretty good, if a little on the lukewarm side. It was a large burger without being so huge you couldn’t get your mouth round it. The bacon was crisp and there was a good mix of salad and mayo. The fries were crisp and  still fluffy inside. To my surprise though, the slaw was the stand out. I find the UK version of Coleslaw pretty bland, but this was peppery and tasty, with plenty of crunch.

American food in Birmingham

Dave chose the Seafood Gumbo, which is described as a seafood stew, with crab, chicken, okra, peppers, onion and celery, served with rice, chorizo, prawns, paprika and sour cream. While this looked appealing, we were both surprised by the portion size. If you want a light lunch, this would be a good option, but if you’re hungry, don’t order this, as it was a pretty small portion. It was nice to see such huge prawns, but other than that, Dave struggled to identify many of the other ingredients. The description of ‘stew’ made us expect big chunks of chicken and the crab, as you’d get in a real gumbo, but the whatever had been put in it had largely disintegrated. The flavours were good, with pleasant smokiness from the paprika, but Dave was definitely disappointed by the portion size.

As before, we still liked the fit of the restaurant, and we always enjoy the mix of american classics that are played over the sound system. The staff were super friendly too. My only issue would be that it seemed like they had the air con cranked up too high, as the restaurant was a little chilly and we both found our food went cold very quickly.

Coast to Coast offer great deals through their app though, so I’d definitely be willing to give their main menu another go, and I’ve heard good things about their breakfasts!

We paid in full ourselves, using a standard voucher from the app, available for all who sign up. All opinions are honest and my own. Coast to Coast didn’t know I was a blogger. 

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