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Chance & Counters, Digbeth

The Custard Factory has had more openings lately than my purse on payday, and there are some absolute gems tucked away there now after far too long being half empty. One of these new openings is board game cafe, Chance & Counters.

Chance & Counters

You’ll find the cafe tucked away in the courtyard of The Custard Factory. From the outside, it looks deceptively small, but once you’re inside it opens up into a large, bright space. The huge windows at the back mean the light pours in, ideal for board games or what I was doing; a spot of co-working with the laptop club.

During the week, there are various deals and offers, including free refills on filter coffee on a Monday, two plates of tacos for £6 on a Tuesday and three wings for a £1 on a Wednesday when you buy a drink.

There’s a tidy little beer menu of cans and different guest beers on draft, as well as a small cocktail menu. The cans are very reasonably priced compared to other bars nearby, especially for trendy options like Tiny Rebel’s Peaches and Cream.

One thing I’ve been desperate for In Birmingham is somewhere serving up proper tacos (to be honest, I still miss that awesome taco popup from ages ago). The tacos on offer at Chance & Counters could be the ones to fill that spot for me. They’re obviously made fresh and were light and tasty.

Of the two options I tried, the Dandy Rib, which is loaded with beef dandy rib, jalapeno relish, and queso cheese, was the best. A little bit messy, juicy, spicy…delicious. The Fish tacos are a light, fresh option, but could have done with more punch, maybe from some fresh chilli or a hit of citrus.

As for the board games, there are loads to try out. There’s a huge shelf full of board games to play, with everything from Pandemic to Scrabble. You can also buy board games here if you find something you want to add to your collection at home.

All in all, this is well worth a visit, for a light lunch, a game with friends and a few beers.

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