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What happens when you have your wedding dress designed for you?

The Bad Bride Diaries: Tips For Having Your Wedding Dress Designed

You may remember that I didn’t particularly enjoy my visit to a bridal shop in search of a wedding dress. I hadn’t expected to be fussy, but it turns out I really am. Instead of put myself through more frustration in the temples of tulle, I decided to look into having a wedding dress designed. …


The Bad Bride Diaries: What To Expect At A Wedding Dress Appointment

I can’t lie, I spent a lot of last week googling ‘what to expect at a wedding dress appointment’, and feeling mostly a bit nervous and confused. I booked myself an appointment to try on wedding dresses at David’s Bridal, rounded up my mum, and set off to pretend to be a proper bride for once. …

Registrar or Celebrant

The Bad Bride Diaries: What’s the Difference Between a Registrar and a Celebrant?

While we’ve had our venue booked for a while, we’ve been struggling to sort out the person to do the actual ceremony bit. We’re getting married in Birmingham, but live within a different council area, and currently both register office’s seem to think we’re the other one’s problem. So that’s going well, and because I’m …


The Bad Bride Diaries: What’s In A Name?

There are several stages of being engaged that make you consider murdering everybody around you. Or I did anyway. When I was first engaged, I found the initial stage very peculiar and often quite uncomfortable; something that I hadn’t expected. I was delighted to be engaged, of course, but as somebody who finds small talk …


The Bad Bride Diaries: Saving Up For The Wedding

Turns out weddings are freaking expensive. Who knew? By the end of 2017, the average cost of a wedding in the UK had reached a whopping £27, 161. That’s about 11,000 lattes, and quite a lot of avocado toast… Even if you’re planning a wedding on a slightly less insane budget, chances are, you’re going …


The Bad Bride’s Wedding Planning Drinking Game

Are you a fellow Bad Bride who finds planning a wedding is driving you to drink? Stress no more, the Bad Bride’s Wedding Planning Drinking Game is here! Take a Sip when Someone offers well-intentioned, but annoying, advice A venue’s website is so badly designed, it makes you want to poke out your own eyes …


The Bad Bride Diaries: How to Choose a Wedding Venue

We chose our wedding venue! We’re still waiting on signing contracts, but disaster aside, we have a venue. Choosing was actually a lot less tricky than I expected, and while typically, we’ve ended up choosing the MacDonald Burlington which was the first place we looked at, I thought it might be useful to share how we decided …


The Bad Bride Diaries: Things Nobody Tells You About Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is insane, turns out, and actually nobody tells you quite what it’s like. Here’s some of the surprises I’ve had in the planning stage. When you starting drafting your guest list, you will be amazed by how many people you know, and begin to panic about how you’re going to afford to feed …