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Best Disney World Park For Adults
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Which Disney World Park Is Best For Adults?

Disney’s just for kids, right? WRONG. There’s plenty to do at Disney World for adults, and lots of good reasons why should you hit the parks without anyone under the age of 18. Disney knows this too, so there’s plenty to do in all the Disney World parks for people of all ages. What if …

Visit Disney Without Kids
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Six Reasons You Should Visit Disney Without Kids

Who remembers that amazing rant from last year from that mother who was furious that childless couples go to Disney parks? In case, you missed it, here’s the post that started it all, from Twitter user @jenkatwrites. As an immature millennial who loves to spend my money on both useless crap AND trips to Disney …

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10 Tips to Have the Best Walt Disney World Trip

Taking up 40 square miles, across 4 theme parks, Walt Disney World can be a pretty overwhelming prospect when you first arrive. After a pretty epic trip to the parks, here’s my top 10 tips to have the best Walt Disney World Trip ever. buy a rain poncho Look, I know you’ve spent weeks planning your holiday wardrobe or …

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Return to the Magic Kingdom

After the torrential rain on our first visit, Dave and I decided to spend our last day in Orlando by going back to the Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom was so different in the dryer weather! There seemed to be something happening around every corner we turned, with street performers, vintage vehicles driving around, the …

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Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is an usual park, mixing rides with shows and animals. This was the last park we did as a family. The newly opened Pandora was our first stop. The whole area is based on the planet of Pandora from Avatar, and is incredible to see. The place is lush with plants, with amazing models of glowing plant …

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Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

The Universal resort in Orlando is made up of three parks; Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay. We didn’t bother with the water park, but we visited Studios and Islands. We started off at Islands of Adventure. Naturally, we headed straight for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You step through an archway and are transported to …

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Eating and Drinking around Epcot

Epcot is one of the most iconic Disney World parks. With the famous Spaceship Earth golf ball, and the lakeside World Showcase, I was super excited to visit this one. We started in Future World, which is decided to innovation and technology. We both really enjoyed the relaunched Mission Space, but beware if you have trouble with enclosed spaces. …

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Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is their movies themed park, home to zones themed on Star Wars and Pixar. This was our second park and the second I stepped through the gate and say the beautiful Hollywood Boulevard, I was hooked. The boulevard is all themed on the golden age of Hollywood, and retro obsessive that I …