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#BEDM – Gadgets – Windows Phone Apps

I thought I’d take today’s topic in a slightly different direction. Let’s talk apps. I’m a rare blogger in that I don’t own an iPhone. I don’t even have an Android phone. Nope, I use a Windows phone, and actually, I really do love it. Nokia has got firmly behind Windows, and with the release …


#BEDM – Passion Projects

Today’s BEDM theme was real food of thought. What do I love that I’d like to make money from? Besides daft things like ‘icecream tester’ or ‘shoe reviewer’, I assume. One thing I’d love to make into a sustainable business is my blog, actually. Currently, I use Google Adsense, and take the occasional sponsored post, …


#BEDM – 5 Favourite Posts From My Blog

Today’s theme is pimping out my own blog with my five favourite posts. I struggled a bit with this one, trying to get the right balance of posts that proved popular and writing that I’m proud of. Some of the posts are still a bit wonky thanks from the move from Blogger to WordPress last …