Where Can I Watch Super Bowl 2018 in Birmingham?

It's Super Bowl season! Super Bowl LII is on Sunday 4th February, with Justin Timberlake performing at halftime. More and more Brits are watching the Super Bowl (and the usually epic halftime show) every year, which means more venues are starting to screen it, complete with suitably American food and drink offers. But where should … Continue reading Where Can I Watch Super Bowl 2018 in Birmingham?

2017 Heroes

2017 has been a rough year for us all, with all sorts of upheaval in the news, from political drama to Hollywood sex scandals. Luckily, not everyone was revealed to be total scumbags, and there have been some heroes who have made my year, or who are just generally smashing it. Here are the people … Continue reading 2017 Heroes

Sunset Boulevard at Birmingham Hippodrome

Sunset Boulevard is a classic. The Tony-award winning musical from Andrew Lloyd Webber has been on the circuit for twenty-five years and remains one of the greatest and most beloved productions. The UK touring production, starring Ria Jones and Danny Mac, landed at the Birmingham Hippodrome last night, bringing glamour and golden age Hollywood with it. The staging is ingenious, with clever use … Continue reading Sunset Boulevard at Birmingham Hippodrome

Make Your Own McDonalds Szechuan Sauce

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware of a marketing stunt from McDonalds that majorly backfired. After Rick and Morty referenced the limited edition Szechuan Sauce from McDonalds, demand for the sauce suddenly exploded. Originally only available as a promotional item in 1998, as part of a menu themed on the release of Mulan, McDonalds … Continue reading Make Your Own McDonalds Szechuan Sauce

The Weekly Vlog: LFCC

https://youtu.be/sxQRH8w6zos In this week's vlog, we're at LFCC, celebrity spotting. There's also all you can eat pizza at Rub Smokehouse (with cheetos), many cocktails at 1565, a serious pampering session and a spot of cocktail making at Malmaison.