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UCB Restaurant - Gressingham Duck
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Ad – Restaurant at Birmingham College of Food

Fine dining can be a fantastic foodie experience, but it’s not always affordable. If you want the quality, but not the cost, you need to visit the newly rebranded Restaurant at Birmingham College of Food. The restaurant is based in University College Birmingham and is staffed by students from the college’s chef, bakery, food service, …

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Adam’s Restaurant, Birmingham

Buying Christmas presents for yourself is always nice, especially when that present is the tasting menu at one of Birmingham’s best restaurant. Dave and I decided to treat ourselves to a night of excellent eating a couple of days before Christmas, and took ourselves to the Michelin starred Adam’s Restaurant. I love how Michelin dining starts …

Nocturnal Animals - Lounge Area
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Coming Soon: Nocturnal Animals

I don’t think a bar opening has ever been more anticipated than the opening of Nocturnal Animals, and with very good reason. The bar is from the chaps behind The Wilderness, and will be opening it’s doors on Bennetts Hill in early November. The venue is inspired by 80s pop culture, and with The Wilderness team involved, you know …

Cheese Board
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Cheese Dinner with Harvey and Brockless, Opus

The best thing about friends with Bite Your Brum is that she always knows all the best foody goings on. When I opened Whatsapp to find a message from her asking who wanted to join her for a five course cheese dinner at Opus, I handed over my £75 faster than you could say ‘mature cheddar’. …

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Itihaas, Birmingham

With Indian street food exploding all over the city, it’s nice to remember sometimes that Birmingham also has some excellent classic Indian restaurants, delivering high quality food and fine dining service. Itihaas knows a thing or two about a top-notch experience, and invited a gang of Birmingham bloggers along for a night of serious indulgence. the restaurant …

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Dinner with Edinburgh Gin and Malmaison

If you wanted to summon me, you’d like out a variety of gins in a pentagram and I’d appear in a puff of smoke, clutching a bottle of tonic. So when my lovely friends at East Village invited me to a special dinner at Malmaison with Edinburgh Gin, I practically bit their hand off. Food was rustled up …

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Afternoon Tea at Rofuto, Birmingham

Please note, Rofuto closed permanently in January 2018. My favourite kinds of food are sushi and afternoon tea (I just love tiny cake…), so an afternoon tea at one of the best sushi places in town, Rofuto, was always going to be a winner for me. After the standard admiring of the view, I grabbed …