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Brunch at Boston Tea Party, Edgbaston

We all know I love me some brunch, so when Boston Tea Party invited a few of us along to their latest Birmingham branch in Edgbaston to test out their new breakfast options, I was there faster than you can say ‘smashed avocado’. Armed with a glass of fizz, I was ready for some excellent brunch time.

Boston Tea Party

the venue

Each branch of Boston Tea Party is slightly different, depending on location and clientele. The Edgbaston branch is clearly aimed at the office crowd who work in the area, which is ideal for me. The cafe is split into several small rooms, with plenty of smaller tables, so you can settle in with your laptop in some peace and quiet to get some work done. The decor is fresh and bright, and feels very homey.

Flat White

Boston Tea Party Coffee

The Coffee

The coffee offering at Boston Tea Party has recently had an overhaul. There’s a new house blend, accompanied by a rotating guest coffee. The house has been created by Extract Coffee, and has notes of coco, honeycomb and black cherries. I tried the house as a Flat White and was very pleased. It’s not super sweet, but doesn’t tip into bitterness, so I found no need for sugar. It has a good robust flavour, and makes a nice, creamy flat white.

The current guest is Mexican Terruño Nayarita Espresso, which claims to have notes of port, mulling spices and, when combined with milk, strawberry yogurt. In order to compare, I ordered this as a flat white too, and was very pleased. This coffee has lots of natural sweetness, and made a spot on flat white. I could even taste the yogurt!

Boston Tea Party Brunch

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the food

Boston Tea Party now serve brunch and breakfast all day, and have a few new menu options to celebrate.

I went for one of the new dishes; the Cheddar and Jalapeño Cornbread (£8.75), with added Chorizo (£2). The cornbread is topped with a fried egg, smashed avocado, spicy salsa, yogurt and maple syrup. I actually felt the Chorizo didn’t really add anything, especially for an added £2, but perhaps this would be better if I’d cut up the half link and distributed it more evenly through the dish. The Cornbread, however, did not disappoint. There’s a little spiciness, bags of sweetness from the syrup, and the whole thing combines together to make a really tasty, more unusual brunch dish.

We were also given the Brown Rice Porridge (£4.95) to split between us. It looks gorgeous, topped with plenty of mango and blueberries, and smells lovely with lots of cinnamon, but the flavour was not for me. It was a little too like rice pudding for my taste, but if you actually like rice pudding (which I do not), you’ll get on a lot better with this.

Most of us around the table chose the new cornbread, but the lovely Miss Pond went for a menu classic; the Sweetcorn Hash (£8.75) with extra bacon (£2.50). It looked really appealing, and there were a lot of appreciative noises.

I’d say, ignore the porridge and push the boat out. Boston Tea Party is damn good at brunch.

We were also treated to a ludicrous selection of cake. Despite my lack of sweet tooth, I made a valiant effort to try as much as of it as I could fit in around the cornbread. All their cakes are made fresh on site, and it shows. There are LOADS to choose from, and all delicious.

Boston Tea Party, Edgbaston

the service

Easy to say when they’re plying you with cake, but BTP‘s Edgbaston team are a lovely bunch. Manager Jack took excellent care of us, and he clearly knows the menu inside out and back to front, and was willing and able to make great suggestions and to recommend his personal favourites. One of his team was also on hand for a quick coffee lesson, and again, showed off some excellent menu knowledge and helpful suggestions for the new coffee choices. Top marks!

the verdict

Edgbaston is a top contender for my favourite branch of Boston Tea Party now. I find the city centre branch a little more hit and miss, and while I really like my local of the Harborne branch, it’s a little ‘yummy mummy’. This one is so bright and light, and the food is well executed by a team obviously very proud of what they do. I’ll be moving in shortly.

Go, order the Cornbread and all the cake, and wave to Jack while you’re there.

I was a guest of Boston Tea Party, and my food and drinks were complementary in exchange for honest review. All opinions, words and images are my own. 

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