Bruce Springsteen at Cardiff Millennium Stadium

Springsteen in Cardiff

I’ve got into a blogging time vortex, where I’m posting about things from a couple of weeks ago. SO, as you guys know, because I wouldn’t shut up about it, I went to see Bruce Springsteen in Cardiff with my dad and his girlfriend. It was my second time seeing Springsteen after seeing him for the first time at Glastonbury a few years ago.

I love the Millennium Stadium as a venue. Now they’ve figured out how to divide up the space, it works really well. For Bruce, they’d created quite an intimate standing area, with a separate pit, so we were actually surprisingly close, considering we showed up just after doors.

Springsteen Requests

Bruce always takes requests from the audience, and this time he played some real rare gems, including TV Movie, which has never been played live before. As Springsteen said, “You heard it first, and you heard it last.” The set was incredible, and has started to create some speculation that this may be Springsteen’s last tour.

SpringsteenSpringsteen & Miami Steve

There is something almost ritualistic about a Springsteen gig. The whole crowd were with him, dancing and singing. Bruce broke form and told stories, about his first guitar, about his first gig. He spoke of his fans and having stadiums full of old and new faces. As I’ve said, it was my second time seeing him, and a quick show of hands revealed that a lot of the audience were seeing him for the first time. There’s also people like my dad, who saw Bruce for the first time in 1978.

One man at the front had his young son with him. Bruce brought the little boy on stage to sing a few choruses of Waiting On A Sunny Day. The kid, understandably, didn’t seem to process the enormity of the moment, but his father, when he was handed back his son, was in tears. Other people from the crowd were invited to join the E Street Band and Bruce for a dance.


Bruce was in his element, rolling on the floor, climbing on the piano, swinging off his mic stand, and hurling himself into the front row again and again.

The night was incredible. Nobody puts on a show like The Boss.

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