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Bonehead, Birmingham

Waffle Fries

My fiance takes fried chicken very seriously. After spending a lot of time out in the States, being cooked genuine soul food, Dave is forever searching for the best in wings, thighs and ‘slaw sides. Full of cocktails after a Saturday of day drinking, and searching for somewhere, anywhere, not showing the football, we took ourselves to Bonehead to test drive their chicken offering.



Downstairs, you’ll find the bar, serving up craft beers, and upstairs, you’ll find the restaurant. It’s minimalist, to say the least, with a handful of small tables (too small, I think, but then, I like to over-order, so…). The decor feels like every rock bar I’ve ever been in, and initially has the music volume to match. To start with, I was channelling my Dad and complaining to Dave how loud it was, but either I went slightly deaf or they adjusted the volume as after ten minutes the volume had settled to be a much better level, and we could hold conversation again. Also worth noting, excessively loud or not, the playlist here is fantastic.


Chicken and Fries

I have heard some mixed reviews of Bonehead, ranging from people dismissing it as utter garbarge, to people ready to move in and build a nest under the bar to eat chicken forever. In order to judge for myself, we decided to order the Original Wings (£6), so any issues had nowhere to hide under extra ingredients. The wings were unbeliavably moist, with crisp, lightly spiced batter. The chimichurri slathered on them brought a little zing. I confess to not being the biggest wing fan as I find them fiddly, so I appreciate that they come jointed. This makes them easier to eat, I think, and aids more even cooking.

Fried Chicken

We also ordered from the Fried Chicken section, opting for Leg and Thigh (£8). I went for the thigh, leaving Dave happily devouring the leg. The thigh had so much meat on, which was all juicy and well-flavoured throughout. Dave declared this some of of the best fried chicken he’d ever had, which is high praise indeed coming from him.


Waffle Fries

To go with our chicken we split a Topped Fries (£4), which is a huge portion of waffle fries loaded with coleslaw and comeback sauce. The ‘slaw adds some fresh crunch to the crisp fries, and we devoured them in record time.

I was surprised by what a bargain Bonehead is. As neither of us are beer drinkers, we stuck with soft drinks and spent a little over £20 for a huge amount of food. I’ll be back to try the burgers, I think…

We paid in full, and nobody knew I was a blogger. All words, images and opinions are my own. Prices correct at the time of writing.


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