Birmingham Blognix

On Saturday, myself and the lovely Penny from Rats As Big As Cats set off on an adventure to Birmingham to attend Birmingham Blognix.

Blognix was an informal blogger’s conference organised by Rosalilium at the Custard Factory.

Custard Factory

I’d never been to the Custard Factory before, but it’s a very cool space, with lots of quirky boutique-type shops, and an adorable vintage salon. The day we were there, there was a vintage and antiques market happening, which Penny and I had a little explore of. Luckily, I was going back to Tom’s afterwards, so was able to prevent myself from buying as many teacups and vintage luggage as I could carry.

Custard Factory market

After I’d talked Penny out of buying an admittedly beautiful grey velvet 70s sofa (it was lovely, but she’d never have got it on the train home. Plus her husband might have killed her) we checked out some of the shops inside, where I fell in love with a selection of cocktail shakers, and these beauties.

record players

I want a vintage record player.

Anyway, Blognix. We started with a talk from Jen from A Little Bird Told Me on working with PRs, which was really interesting. Jen works with lots of brands, so it was good to hear her thoughts, as she works on both sides of the blogger/PR relationship. I LOVE Jen’s blog; she was one of the first bloggers I read religiously, so I was fan-girling away about even being in a room with her, let alone talking to her later about cake.

We also had a talk on social media by Emma Cossey from The Freelance Lifestyle, and a blogger’s Q&A, with the the speakers, Rosalilium, Hazel from Domestic Sluttery, web-designer Kim Lawler, and Reward Style’s Colleen Bulfin.



After the talks, we broke for lunch, which was amazing. Elizabeth had arranged the ultimate indoor picnic, so we settled down with heaped plates for a chat with the other bloggers. And then, the best part. The cake competition.

Blognix cake contest

I tried the fudge, a mini cupcake, and some of the rainbow cake. The rainbow cake won overall, winning the daisy Brit-Stitch bag you can see here. Well deserved too, it was lush!

Suitably full of cake, we did a bit more gossiping, did a couple of really great workshops, then I had to scuttle off to get the train back to Coventry to go out with Tom.

I had a wicked time at Blognix; Elizabeth should be very proud of pulling all that together. Meeting other bloggers is always lovely, but the talks and workshops were so useful as well. It was a great balance of meet-up and conference, I think.

The rest of the weekend was quite hectic too, with navigating around the new Birmingham New Street station (it’s totally different now, really confused me and Penny), a couple of nights out, epic Sunday dinner at Tom’s mum’s and finally getting to meet Tom’s best friend.

I’m ready for an early night tonight, after all the excitement over the weekend, and a late one at work watching the Apple Developer’s Conference. Anyone else see that? Thoughts?

Blognix lovelies; if you’re reading and I didn’t manage to speak to you on Saturday (or I did, but didn’t take your card), please hit me up with your links!

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