Bianco: No Fit State Circus

Bianco, No Fit State Circus, Aerial Straps

Aerial Straps

On Saturday, I went with the family to see No Fit State Circus perform their show Bianco, in Cardiff. No Fit State are a Cardiff based contemporary circus company, who’ve performed all over the world. Bianco is touring at the moment (although they are currently set up in their own carpark) with a proper circus Big Top.

Co-produced with The Eden Project, Bianco is an immersive promenade piece (meaning the audience is moved around, depending on where the action is taking place). Performers are amongst, above and behind the audience, so there’s always several different things to watch going on, as towers, hoops and tightropes are dropped in and out of the performance space.

No Fit State Circus, Bianco. Trapeze

I know a little about No Fit State from my days in Art’s Marketing (I know a previous Marketing Manager of theirs) but have never actually managed to see them. I wish I hadn’t waited so long. Bianco is mesmerising. The two hours on your feet feel like nothing, honestly, thanks to how engaging the show is. The performers are all mind-blowingly talented, showing off their skills with beautiful routines on trapezes, aerial straps, hoops, tight ropes, trampolines…you name it, these guys can do it. The show cleverly dips between fun, fast-paced routines with the whole company (my personal favourite being a segment with the cast pretending to be swimming and throwing beachballs around) to atmospheric, emotional solo pieces, and everything in between.

Contemporary Circus is not ring-masters and elephants. It’s acrobatics, with an almost cabaret feel. No Fit State are masters at injecting humour into their work, too, which is no small feat when you’re hanging one-handed from an aerial strap.

Bianco, No Fit State Circus

I spent the whole performance entirely hypnotised, as did everyone else I was with! The beauty of Bianco is that there’s something to catch everyone’s attention, be it the skill and strength of the cast, the graceful beauty of it or the immensely talented live band. I saw some very tiny tots in the crowd who were just as fixated as the adults.

If you get the chance to see Bianco or anything else No Fit State are doing, you MUST go. The company do regular workshops, free outdoor performances and even teach circus skills in their base in Cardiff. Keep up with what they’re up to on their website. Bianco is in Cardiff until 7th June, when the show continues on to Limerick, Rennes, Edinburgh and Utrecht. Dates can be found here.

Photos are from No Fit State’s website, as there is no photographer allowed during the show.