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Beer and Tapas Pairing: Estrella Galicia and El Borracho de Oro

Roasted Galician Octopus Leg and pandera potatoes

Please note: El Borracho De Oro is now closed. You can, however, order divine at home menus by the owner, through Emma’s Delicatessen.

I will admit to not usually being a beer drinker, but I’m always willing to learn, so when a mate told me that my very favourite Tapas restaurant, El Borracho de Oro was teaming up with Estrella Galicia to present a matched menu, it seemed like a great excuse to fill my face with tapas and learn about beers at the same time.

Idiazabal sheep cheese souffle

Maeloc Pineapple Sidra

We started with a twice baked Idiazabal sheep cheese souffle. This was a triumph. Fluffy on the fork, with plenty of good, sharp cheese flavour. It was beautifully creamy, and I ate it wondering why on earth I’ve never ordered it before. The souffle was paired with our only cider of the evening, the Maeloc Pineapple Sidra. It smelt like foam banana sweets, but was all pineapple in the taste. The tangy fruit paired well with the creaminess of the cheese, making this my favourite course.

Roasted Galician Octopus Leg and pandera potatoes

Estrella Galicia

Next, a Roasted Galician Octopus Leg and pandera potatoes. I like octopus, but don’t often order it, as it’s so easy to turn it to absolute rubber. There are no such concerns at El Barracho. The leg was meaty and tender, with excellent crisp to the edges. This came with a gluten free Estrella Galicia lager. It was light and crisp; ideal for seafood.

Quail, jamon and peas

1906 Reserve Especial

Quail, jamon and peas is another dish I’ve never actually tried at El Barracho and now slightly regret not ordering. The quail was cooked perfectly, and the course was a tasty, light stop between the seafood and dessert. Our accompanying beer was a 1906 Reserve Especial. Dark amber in colour, this tasted like roasted malt, with a pleasing bitterness.

Coulant de Chocolat

1906 Black Coupage

Finally, we had the Coulant de Chocolat, a rich chocolate fondant pudding. I’m not much of a chocolate eater, so couldn’t finish this, but it was beautiful. Rich and fluffy, with a melting middle. This was partnered with a dark 1906 Black Coupage. This had notes of coffee and chocolate, and was surprisingly drinkable.

I left extremely full, and feeling much more knowledgeable about beer and pairing it with food. Keep your eye out for regular events at El B, as there’s usually something fabulous going on.

Disclosure: All food and drinks were paid for, although owner Emma does know me as a blogger. All words, images and opinions are honest and my own. Read my full disclosure policy here.

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