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#BEDM – Why All Bloggers Should Go To Blognix


Last year, I set off for my first ever blogger’s conference. That was Blognix, held at The Custard Factory, a place I’d never been. I set off the night before from my flat in Bath, spent the night in Coventry with Tom and arrived at The Custard Factory on Saturday morning full of excitement. I learnt a staggering amount, ate my weight in cake and managed not to tackle-hug Jen from A Little Bird Told Me (it was a close thing, I love her blog!).

A year later, and it’s almost Blognix time again. And things are a little different this time around. Then, it was my first visit to The Custard Factory. Now…well, I work there. I write their blog. Using things I learnt at Blognix. Now I get the utter surrealness of sitting at a meeting table with Elizabeth from Rosalilium, one of my very favourite bloggers and the brains behind Blognix. Then, we were a small gathering downstairs in the Zellig space. This year, Blognix is expecting a lot more attendees, and will be taking two big spaces in The Custard Factory. The roster of speakers is amazing (uh…Dine Birmingham? London Beauty Queen? THE HIGH TEA CAST?) and I’m sure I’ll be suppressing the fan-girl urge to yell, “I love your blog/podcast!” at people again.

It’s such a novelty to have a blogger’s event like this anywhere other than London, and having it in Birmingham is even more exciting. Birmingham is a great city, with an undeserved reputation for being a bit crap. Blognix is such a great tool to show off the talent that’s here and in the rest of the Midlands. Blognix, for me, is pitched just right too. Informative without being patronising, helpful for beginner and expert bloggers, and the friendliest, most welcoming atmosphere. Plus, a Blogger Bake-Off. What more do you want from an event?

Seriously, bloggers, what are you waiting for? Blognix. Book it now.

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