#BEDM – What Is Your Blog All About?


I mentioned a few days ago that I’d signed up for Rosalilium’s Blog Every Day In May challenge. Before I start on today’s topic, some house-keeping for the challenge. I’ll be posting on each of the daily topics, but I still want to continue my regular posting, so the Friday Round Up (along with the latest pictures from the 100 Happy Days project), and Project Wonder Woman will still be appearing. I’ve also got a blogger’s event to attend this month, and some beauty products to review, so those posts will also be going up, so you might see two posts some days. Righto, on with the challenge!

What is my blog all about? How long have you got? I’m sure I should work on a proper ‘elevator pitch’ for my blog and what it is, but, well, I haven’t. Caramel Latte Kiss began back when I was at university. I started reading blogs in my first year, in search of fashion inspiration, and got hooked. Here was this world I had never realised existed. I had toyed with writing online before; I was already a Twitter fan, liked Tumblr, and had a long neglected LiveJournal account. After a year of reading, I wanted my own blog. I tried a few incarnations, but Caramel Latte Kiss was the one that stuck. I began as a fashion blogger, but soon found that lifestyle was much more my thing. I had too much to say to limit myself to one topic. Lifestyle lets me cover food, fashion, beauty, music…whatever I’m interested in at that moment.

Four years on, I’m still a small-fry in the blogging world, but I love it. This year I’ve really found my feet and have begun to build relationships with PRs, brands and other bloggers. This challenge will hopefully help me find even more blogger buddies, as well as helping me generate new and different content away from my usual style. Let’s do this!

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