#BEDM – Fashion, Beauty and Grooming


The salon mirror selfie is not something I’d ever taken before this one. This was at the Francesco Group event, which I wrote about earlier in the month. The stylist was part way through getting a wave in my hair. She’d had to create this ringletty look first, and then gently brushed it out with her fingers. Thanks to my hair’s total inability to hold a shape, the ringlets immediately dropped into soft waves. I loved the look, but unfortunately, it had already gone by the time I’d got home. My hair is just straight, and it takes a lot of work to get into a style that doesn’t last. This probably seems like a nice problem to have to those girls who spend hours straightening their hair and then live in fear of unexpected drizzle. Fashion and beauty seem to be, to me, very much a case of often wanting what you can’t or don’t have.

As a kid, I always really envied my cousin’s red hair (it’s not ginger, it is RED). I still think her natural colour is beautiful. Of course, she didn’t feel the same. As children, we joked that we should swap, and as an adult, her hair is often dyed. We talked about this at work. My blonde colleague is debating dying her hair brown, much to the amazement of my brunette colleague who has always wanted blonde hair.

Why do we do this? My wardrobe always looks dull and boring in comparison to that of other bloggers, friends or sometimes even women on the train I think look amazing. I’m low maintenance when it comes to make-up, but that doesn’t stop me admiring and wishing I had the patience, time and skill to recreate some of the more elaborate looks I see. For all I know, that woman on the train with the expensive handbag and expertly applied cat-eye liner is looking at me and admiring my lipstick game, or my shoes, or something else I’ve dismissed in my rush to envy her.

Admiring can be healthy. We can take inspiration from looks we see on other people, but it should never be at the expense of appreciating what we already have. The grass shouldn’t always be greener on the other side. What do you think?