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I think I’m in love. A nice courier arrived on my doorstep this morning with a parcel of pretty, which was these lovelies. Just to clarify, it’s the shoes I’ve fallen for, not the courier. What makes them even lovelier is that they were an absolute bargain. Thank you for very much Zara sale. I highly recommend having a nose at the sale section on their website; there’s some great stuff for very good prices.


What about life lately? Well, today’s been one of those days where it’s time to leave the office before you have time to breathe. In October, we’re taking part in the Afrovibes festival, which is an international festival of dance, drama and music from South Africa. We had the launch today at work, so we’ve been very busy with guests and presentations. It’s been fun though, trying South African food and figuring out how on earth you’re supposed to address the mayor!

After my last blog post, a mate pointed out that I referred to Ronan as, well, Ronan, rather than R, like usual. I hadn’t noticed when I did it, but there we are. I guess he gets to have his name back, which I’m sure he’ll be very pleased about. I’m going to see him this weekend, finally, so I’m wishing the week away so I can get down there and see him. There’s going to be a couple of uni friends around the same weekend, and one of the guys he works with is a student at the uni we all studied at, so it’s going to be quite the gathering of Aberystwyth people, which is always nice. I’ll be honest, I’m giddy with excitement about getting down to Brixham at last and seeing the boy. Yay!

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