The Bad Bride Diaries: I Finally Started Planning

Some little girls dream of their wedding. I was not one of those girls. I’m the first to admit, I am not a romantic, or particularly sentimental. After engaged in August, I did an initial excited Google of overpriced venues and then promptly abandoned all wedding planning. Instead, I’ve spent the last few months laughing merrily whenever anybody asks me how my wedding planning is going, or plotting the murders of people who call me ‘the future Mrs Whitney’ or ‘Mrs Whitney to be’, or occasionally idly staring at wedding dresses on Pinterest before deciding I hate them all. I am nailing this bride thing.

The Bad Bride Diaries

I have now finally accepted that if I want to have a wedding, I do actually need to plan the thing, as sadly, I don’t have the bank account to just book a planner to do it all for me. SO, I actually bothered to have a proper think about what I want. I have looked at some actual realistic venue choices, and downloaded brochures and everything. So far, I am astonished by what garbage websites lots of venues have. If I can’t find a single price guide anywhere, or even any proper pictures, I’m hitting that back button faster than you can say ‘Bridezilla’ and gone back to Google to find somewhere else.

I also figured it would be wise to start putting together a rough first draft of a guest list, just to give us a vague idea of numbers for when we look at venues. That attempt has resulted in my resolving to cause some sort of family rift, or encourage fallings out with friends, as it turns out I want more people than I expected at my ‘big day’.

I envision there being a lot of ‘I’m meant to have what,’ in my future, much swearing and general bridal rubbishness. It’s going to be quite the ride. Wish me luck…

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