Weekly Vlog: Butter is Better Than People

weekly vlog

This week’s vlog is actually just over a week, as I’ve included two weekends. SO, we kick off in Cardiff, where I had a lovely time with my family. We went to see the amazing NoFit State Circus, and generally enjoyed the sun. Sunday was a culture day, with a visit to Cardiff Museum tp see their natural history collection and the Women in Focus exhibition. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t quite so nice back home and my two hour train journey back to Birmingham ended up taking six hours.

Monday was spent cinemaing. We saw Deadpool 2 and Solo, both of which I really enjoyed. Wednesday was all about gin, with the new Edinburgh Gin Afternoon Tea (read my review here) at Harvey Nichols.

I was back canalside on Thursday for an exploration of The Cube. We started a round of cocktails at Rodizo Rico, before dinner and a floor show at Shogun. Finally, we finished up with a cocktail masterclass in Haig Club.

Next stop was Collectormania25 at the NEC. I kitted up as MJ from the Spider-Man comics, and had a really great day. Finally, it was back to Digbeth Dining Club for much tastiness.

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Exploring The Cube, Birmingham

Possibly one of Birmingham’s most iconic buildings, The Cube is tucked away on the canal side, full of a range of options to eat, work and play. You’ll find a luxe hotel, restaurants galore, a spa and soon, even a bowling alley.

I was invited to join some fellow bloggers on a guided adventure around The Cube, eating and drinking as we went. It’s a hard life.

Rodizio Rico

rodizio rico

We started off at Rodizio Rico, a Brazilian steak house and Churrascaria. Instead of ordering from the menu, you attack an amazing salad bar, and then waiters patrol the restaurant with giant skewers of sizzling meat. You have a little card on your table, which you flip over to indicate that you want more meat. Basically, they keep bringing it until you’re almost dead of the meat sweats and beg them to stop.

We weren’t eating in Rodizio Rico that night, but the concept is fun and excellent for dedicated carnivores. Instead, we sampled a couple of cocktails.

Whisky Sour


I started with a Whisky Sour, which was pleasant enough, but a little heavy on the lime, which made it over sweet for me. The Margarita I tried next was nice enough, but again, lime heavy which made it taste much the same as my Whisky Sour.

I’d happily go back and eat piles of steak, but I don’t think I’d visit just for a bar experience. Service was friendly, but a little slow, and the live band were too loud, making conversation difficult.



We moved across to Shogun for dinner. The restaurant has a noodle bar, a sushi conveyor belt and several teppenyaki tables. It was the teppenyaki we were there to try. Your food is cooked in front of you on a hot grill, with plenty of theatrics, banging and shouting. It’s mad, but great fun.


sushi Shogun

We started off with a selection of sushi. Plate after plate kept arriving, all brightly coloured, looking gorgeous on the plate. The sushi is incredibly high quality, with beautiful fish expertly prepared. Highlights for me were my usual favourite, Tuna Sashimi and I enjoyed trying Nigiri topped with different fish to how I’ve eaten it before, including Squid, Sea Bass and Eel.

Sushi Birmingham


For the teppenyaki, you can order a la carte from a range of meats, fish and rice, as well sushi and soup appetizers, and a selection of desserts. I’d suggest ordering one of the set menus, however. You get a good selection of different foods and drinks and don’t have to try and figure out good pairings, and how much to order!

Shogun Birmingham

It’s an entertaining way to eat, and our chef was good fun; juggling eggs, flicking food for us to catch in our mouths, and merrily setting everything on fire. The food quality was good too. I particularly enjoyed the steak, which was juicy and packed with flavour from the oils on the grill. Another highlight was the scallops. There were enormous, fat and some of the most flavoursome I’ve ever eaten.

Haig Club

haig club

Finally, we piled into the lift and sailed up to the 25th floor to check out Haig Club. You may remember I went to their launch party when they first opened. To be  brutally honest, I thought the bar had closed, as their social had gone quiet, their original barman had returned to Bourne & Co, and I’ve tried to visit twice and found the door locked and the place in darkness. I’m still not entirely clear if they’re actually open or not…you can book out the bar for private hire, and I believe a relaunch is planned for the Autumn. For now, I’d suggest checking before you go!

Cocktail masterclass

Opening confusion aside, they’d set up a mini cocktail masterclass, which will also be part of the relaunch. I happily sloshed Haig Clubman about and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Clubman is very much a cocktail whisky; the bar is stunning, but it’s not one for whisky connoisseurs. If you like a good cocktail, or you’re new to whisky, it’s a good option for a classy experience with a killer view.

the cube

I had a fun evening roaming around The Cube, and you could easily make a night of it without having to go outside, hopping from venue to venue. I’m definitely excited for that bowling alley.

I was a guest of The Cube. All food and drinks were complementary, but I was not obliged to write a blog post. All words, images and opinions are honest and my own. 


The Stable, Birmingham

Always check the opening hours of restaurants before heading out to eat, especially on a bank holiday Monday. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself like me, standing forlornly outside a closed Bonehead, because I’d forgotten they don’t open on Mondays. I thought about lying down in the road for a tantrum, but John Bright Street is probably not the best place to lie on the floor, and there was a shining beacon of hope in the distance. A beacon of hope full of pizza and cider. The Stable.

The Stable

The Stable Birmingham

The world’s most orange restaurant

I’ve actually eaten at The Stable a few times, but never properly reviewed it, largely because the lighting is some of the most orange to ever exist and my pictures are always horrendous. It’s a great space though, with lots of long tables, funky lighting and lots of concrete. There’s plenty of tables outside too to enjoy some sunshine.

Cider in Birmingham


You can’t come here and not drink Cider. Dave opted for a guest cider I forgot to write down the name of, but involved Cherry flavours. Dave likes a fruity, sweet cider, and found this didn’t quite hit the spot for him, as it’s very much a classic cider with added cherry, not a cherry cider. I liked it though, and found it sweet but not sickly.

I tried a half of the Hunny Bubble. It was light, sparkling cider, perfect for the hot weather, with added West Country Honey for some deep caramel notes.

Longhorn Jim


Dave had the Longhorn Jim (£13.50), which is topped with ground beef, chorizo, mushrooms, mozarella, smoked ham and red onions. He found the base nice and light, topped with rich, but not heavy, toppings. The meat was flavoursome and plentiful, strewn with fat mushrooms.

The Denhay Delight

I went for the The Denhay Delight (£12), which is topped with Denhay Farm bacon, mushrooms and mozerlla, with a fried egg on cooked into the middle. I love fried eggs on pizza, especially when you get the right ooze level when cut. This was perfect; oozy enough to coat the pizza but not so much I was in a terrible mess by the time I’d finished eating. The mushrooms were plump, and sat happily alongside salty bacon. I’m always a fan of the bases at the Stable; they’re the right level of somewhere between doughy and crisp for me, and good and thin, which I prefer.

The service

Service was prompt, which I find it usually is here. Staff are happy to make cider suggestions, and our pizzas hit the table fast enough to please even me in my hangry state. I’ve never been in there and not been greeted by the manager at the door, or had him check on me before leaving, which sets the tone for the friendly, attentive service. See you soon, Stable.

We paid in full at The Stable, and nobody knew I was a blogger. All words, images and opinions are my own. Prices correct at the time of writing.