Growing up is a funny thing. I’m sure I’m not the only one who assumed that when I reached a certain age, I’d just ping into being an adult. I’m 23, so I guess I am an adult now, even I still own stuffed animals, watch Disney films and am afraid of wasps.

There are times when I do feel very grown-up though; living on my own felt pretty adult. I feel grown-up when I eat olives, order something other than the cheapest wine on the menu and when I am excited at the prospect of new kitchen appliances.
I think everyone has these little badges of adulthood. I’ve always said I won’t be an adult until I like Gin and Tonic instead of Gin and Lemonade. A friend posted on Facebook that he was an adult now because he asked for socks for Christmas. I remember a colleague telling me her friend was an adult now because she’d just bought a house with a utility room. When Tom and I were looking for somewhere to live, we looked at couple of places that had dining rooms and more than one bedroom, which seemed like a very adult thing to have. Of course, we went for somewhere with one bedroom and no dining room, so I guess we’re not quite there yet.
I’m coming to the conclusion that nobody feels like they’re a proper adult all the time; but I guess I’ll keep having those little moments of thinking, “Ooh, how grown-up!”. Maybe when I finally get that dining room…
Any of you a ‘real adult’? What are your badges of adulthood?