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Adam’s Restaurant, Birmingham


Buying Christmas presents for yourself is always nice, especially when that present is the tasting menu at one of Birmingham’s best restaurant. Dave and I decided to treat ourselves to a night of excellent eating a couple of days before Christmas, and took ourselves to the Michelin starred Adam’s Restaurant.

Adam's Restaurant

I love how Michelin dining starts with ‘snacks’, without anybody telling you off for ruining your dinner with snacks. Our snacks came in the form of a hunk of gorgeous, oozy, smoked cheddar, and a slice of beautiful seared tuna. The strong flavours are great way to wake your tastebuds up.

Fine Dining Birmingham

Next, we had a palate cleanser, in the form of a horseradish icecream and a red cabbage gazpacho. This was fresh, and zingy. The flavour was unusual, but actually very tasty, with some bite from the horseradish.

Orkney Scallop

Our first actual taster course was Orkney Scallop. It came dressed with a salsa verde and a smoky bacon dashi. The scallop was plump and tender, and was well paired with the umami deliciousness of the dashi. I think this was my favourite course, as I absolutely love scallops. This one was an absolute beauty.

Salt Baked Beetroot
Michelin dining in Birmingham

Next, we had Salt Baked Beetroot with blackberry, oak and buckwheat. On the side, we had two little beetroot meringues filled with a light goat’s cheese. Our waiter advised us to eat these first; and the little pink bombs almost immediately melted in the mouth, with a burst of beetroot flavour. The main dish was sweet and earthy, with pleasing crunch. Dave claims not to like beetroot, but this disappeared fast.


Turbot with wild mussels, champagne and samphire was another stand out. The fish was perfectly cooked and flaked at the press of a fork. The mussels were small, but delicious, with a pop of richness from the champagne sauce.


Norfolk Quail was joined by turnip and hazelnut. The quail was gamey, and tender, heightened by the nutty crunch. The mushrooms too were full of flavour, and despite neither of us being huge fans of quail, this impressed us.

Fallow Deer

Our final meat course was Fallow Deer with artichoke and black garlic. The deer was incredibly soft, and very rich. As a final savoury course, this was delicious, but I struggled with the richness as I was starting to feel pretty full!


A transition course arrived, to help ready our tastebuds for the change from savoury to sweet. Our waiter talked us through the dish, explaining it combined sweet and savoury, with mango and flavours of thai green curry. It was honestly one of the oddest things I’ve ever eaten, but it was actually very tasty and really hit the spot to ready us for sweets. The first mouthful was all lemongrass freshness, but as I ate more, I got chilli heat, and found the mango at the bottom was almost like a rice pudding. Strange, but it all worked.

Adam's in Birmingham

Pudding combined some of my favourite flavours. A rich cube of dark chocolate was filled with salted caramel, next to a dollop of espresso ice cream, and the whole lot was drizzled with Amaretto sauce. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, so the more bitter flavours of coffee and dark chocolate were a welcome cut through the sweetness of the caramel.

Adam's sweets

Finally, we were presented with a little presentation box of sweets to finish the meal off. A mince pie chocolate and a mulled wine jelly were perfect little festive treats to send us home full, happy and raring to come back again.

We paid in full at Adam’s and didn’t tell anyone I’m a blogger. All words, images and opinions are my own.

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