As a food blogger, I am often invited to events and to review meals. These meals are often complementary for the purpose of review. Each review will always have a clear statement to flag what was and was not paid for. My reviews are always honest, and I reserve the right to post unfavourable reviews if the food or service was poor.

Gifted Items

The vast majority of products featured on Caramel Latte Kiss have been purchased by me (or window-shopped by me), but sometimes brands do send me items to review. I reserve the right not to blog about an item I’ve been sent if I feel it isn’t of interest to my readers. I also reserve the right to post an unfavourable review if I feel the product or service is unsatisfactory. 

I will only ever accept and/or review items I believe are relevant and appropriate to my blog. I will always express my honest opinion.

If I’ve been sent something for free, I will always explicitly flag this in the post, or mark any gifted items with a c/o. Items received in event goody bags will also be flagged in the same way.
If you’d like to send me an item to review, please get in touch with me via or tweet me @caramelattekiss

Affiliate links

Please be aware that some posts and in-post widgets may contain affiliate links. These links earn me a small commission but they are not paid-for links, but created by me using pre-approved affiliate schemes. These links do not cost you any more if you shop after clicking on them.

Sponsored Content

I rarely accept guest posts from brands, unless the content is excellent, relevant and in keeping with my blog (although you may sometimes see guest content from fellow bloggers) Sponsored content is content paid for by brands; however, I will never feature a brand I don’t think is of interest to my readers. All sponsored content is written exclusively by me, is honest, and is clearly flagged as such. Posts for which I have been paid or compensated for will always include No Follow links only.

If you’d like to arrange a sponsored post with me, you can contact me via or on Twitter @caramelattekiss

Events and Meet-Ups

I’m based in Birmingham, so would love to know if you’re organising an event or a meet-up in the Midlands. I’m also regularly in Cardiff and Hereford, where my family are, and have easy access to London. If I think an event sounds relevant and interesting to my readers, I will try my best to attend, and blog about it afterwards.


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