Little Ways to Cheer Yourself Up

Ways to cheer up

For a lot of us, life can get pretty crazy. We’re busy at work, we’re stressed, we’ve got terrible FOMO so we’re out too much, we’re tired, or maybe we just feel a bit rubbish for no reason. It happens.

You could wallow in it, or you could try out my tried and tested tips for overcoming a fit of the blahs.

Go to bed early

Look, I know your Netflix queue is overflowing with episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Riverdale that you haven’t had time to watch yet, but sitting up til you’re basically asleep on the sofa won’t help shift your rubbish mood. Get into your pyjamas, and get into bed. Fresh sheets are recommended. Even if you don’t go to sleep immediately, snuggling up with a book or a magazine, the screen break will do you the world of good, and you’ll probably find you get sleepy pretty soon anyway. You’ll wake up refreshed and feeling much better.

put on something that makes you happy

This will be different for all of us. I feel most like me, and at my best, in red lipstick and heels. Some people it might be putting on clean pyjamas, or a great pair of jeans. I know someone who had a flatmate whose go to ‘I feel sad’ outfit was her pyjamas and a tiara. Whatever does the trick. Put it on, and strut about feeling great.

Move your body

Go out for a walk. Put on your favourite song and dance like an idiot around your kitchen. Head to the gym. Just move. Endorphins make you happy and will help to shift your funk.


Watch something funny, check out YouTube videos of stuff that makes you laugh, call a funny friend. Get your giggle on and it’s impossible to feel bad.

Get outdoors

Fresh air and some sun can really help. Go for a little stroll, take your lunch outside, or even just sit on your front step with your morning coffee. A little outdoors can help us all.

What helps you shift a bad mood? Leave your tips in the comments!