Friday Round Up – Double Edition

Links, loves and Instagrams from the last two weeks.

Friday Round Up

For some reason, I arranged my pictures backwards, so the round up will have to go that way too. Whoops. Oh well.

AnaRocha  –This week, we had another Brum Bloggers meet up. This time, we were tweeting for our dinner at AnaRocha Bar and Gallery. Relatively new in the Jewellery Quarter, AnaRocha is a unique venue. Part gallery, part antiques shop, part bar and part restaurant, the modern bar is crammed with crazy antiques. Needless to say, we drank with elbows tucked in tight…it’s an interesting idea, but I must confess I was largely just confused by the venue. Good cocktails, good tapas, but why on earth would you encourage people to drink around staggeringly expensive antiques? It didn’t make for a comfortable bar; half the time I wasn’t sure if I was ‘allowed’ to sit down or put my drink on a table. AnaRocha is worth a visit though. The experience is unlike anything else and is rather like stumbling into some mad dream. Go, but drink carefully. And tidily.

Destination Star Trek Europe 50  – I was a lucky girl last weekend and got to tag along as the plus one of Annette from Tesseract Cosplay to Destination Star Trek. We were hosted by the lovely Dark Cleo Productions, and spent the weekend recruiting for the cosplay contest, Kirk-eoke (karaoke in the style of William Shatner) and the Red Shirt Death-Off. We also rounded up people for something a bit special. We officially broke the World Record for the most people in Star Trek costumes in one place. We waved at Will Wheaton, we sang with Chase Masterson and we dabbed for Spock all over the convention. Many larks were had.

Teesside Unleashed – The weekend before that, Dave and I were guests at Teesside Unleashed. I love conventions up north; the local cons are always so friendly. We helped judge the cosplay contest, which was possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The standard was so high! We checked out lots of amazing costumes, bought too much Lego and had a great time catching up with friends.

Family time  – It’s a long time since I’ve been north, so it was really lovely to hang out with Dave’s family. Most of the weekend I was dog furniture for their fluffy idiot of a maltese, but we did make it out for a family lunch at a rather fabulous local stately home. As you do.