Cosplay 101: Do I Need a Facebook Page?

Cosplay 101

Much like blogging, at some point cosplay hits a point where you start asking yourself questions about marketing. Should you be doing it at all, or does that just make you a bit vain?

For cosplayers, the most popular online presence seems to be a Facebook page. You can (of course) find those of us with blogs, active Instagram or Twitter accounts, or a carefully planned YouTube channel, but in my experience, Facebook seems to be the place where the cosplays fans are. So do you really need a cosplay page?

It’s a sensible question, with no real yes or no answer. It depends what you want out of your cosplay, I think.

Are you just going to the occasional convention and are quite happy just dressing up with your mates? Then…you probably don’t need a cosplay page.

Most cosplayers though, if nothing else, like to be able to find the photos they’ve had taken during a convention. A page can be a good way to do that as it gives somewhere for people to reach you without you having to give out your personal account details.

If you’re hoping to go somewhere with your cosplay though, such as selling prints or being invited to guest at conventions or judge cosplay competitions, then you definitely need a social media presence. It’s not all vanity, I promise, just good sense. People need somewhere to find you, and you can keep building your presence and audience even between events. I’ve made great contacts through Facebook, and honestly would not be getting the invites I do (occasionally) without it.

If you can use Facebook, you can manage a page. The options and setup and very simple and you can invest as much or as little as you like into it. Go on…I dare you.