Reasons I am Robin Scherbatsky

Have you ever felt an affinity with a fictional character? You know you have a fictional twin when  other people in your life keep telling you about it too. There are a lot of reasons I am Robin Scherbatksy, of How I Met Your Mother, and I spend a lot of time being told “Oh my God, you are Robin!” Here’s why…

Robin Scherbatsky feelings

Feelings are not my favourite

Not where people can see them, anyway. Sure, I have them, I just prefer to keep my cards close to my chest. Public displays of emotion are not for me, whether they’re mine or other peoples’.  Robin, I understand your discomfort.

Reasons I am Robin Scherbatsky

We’re both a tiny bit scary

So people tell me anyway. This probably comes from that whole displaying no emotions thing. Oops?


We have our priorities straight

Is that a cake? Let’s be best friends? Are we going out? Great, what are we eating first? Let’s go and get incredible burgers. Robin and I know what’s really important.


Gender norms? Nah!

One of my favourite things about Robin is how she messes with gender norms. She’s attractive, well-dressed and feminine, but also has a lot of so-called ‘masculine’ traits with her taste for whiskey, hockey and cigars. As a girly girl who enjoys rugby, american football and a good pint of cider, I can relate.


We like the finer things in life. Like alcohol.

In a healthy way, obviously… Robin and I both appreciate a large glass of wine after a rough day. Or a Monday. After a day.


We prefer to run the show

Trust us. It’s better this way. We’re happier, and we’re a bit scary, remember? Best to just give us our own way.


Kids make us very uncomfortable

Nope. Scary and unpredictable. And sticky. And why do babies come with a self destruct button? Terrifying! Congratulations on your baby and everything, but no, I do not want to hold it.

giphy (1) We’re geeks

Robin references Harry Potter kind of often. I can understand the need to reference your fandom of choice. Constantly. Wear your geekdom with pride!


Anyone else had their personality stolen for TV?