Friday Round Up

Links, loves and Instagrams from the last week.

Friday Round Up

1. Selfie time. 2. Caribbean cooking demo from Chef Lorenzo. 3. Rum cocktails

Favourite Outfits  – Amazing how much a signature piece can make you feel good. Red, polka dots, and a red lip? I need to dress like this more often. It makes me much happier than it should.

Birmingham Caribbean Festival – I went to the launch of Birmingham Caribbean Festival in the week, with Ryan of Brummie Gourmand. We were treated to rum cocktails, a range of incredible fish canapes by Le Monde, and two live cooking demonstrations. Chef Lorenzo spoiled us with Ackee & Saltfish, Jerk Chicken and Halloumi, then we were spoilt more by Kitchen Thyme, who provided two deserts of Passion Fruit Mess, Cococnut Icecream with rum caramel, and a Chocolate…something I cannot remember the name of. It was amazing. I am now super excited for the festival.

This week’s links:
Geeky Brummie.
Not to get political, but also to get political…Brexit broke the economy.
Body shaming ads banned on London public transport.
DC sewing patterns for Bombshells.
Shocks of being an adult.

Currently watching: I watched Orange is the New Black all in one go and I have a lot of feelings about it. FEELS. Currently watching Dexter, which I have a lot less feelings about. It is good though.

Currently reading: Reader on The 6.27 and  feeling sophisticated because it’s a french translation.

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