Pin-Up Rogue

Pin-up Rogue

I’ve got a new cosplay to share with you today. After a year of cosplaying as Rogue (MCM Birmingham in March 2015 was the first time I wore that cosplay), she’s become my signature piece and the cosplay I am best known for on the circuit. As a character, Rogue has had a lot of looks over the years. My standard is drawn from the Jim Lee designed costume, most famous as her look in the 90s X-Men cartoons (although mine does have a couple of ‘me’ twists). I am planning on recreating a couple more of Rogue’s looks, but I’ve also been working on a couple of my own versions.

One of those versions is Pin-Up Rogue. I was inspired by this artwork by lovelyzitalee, and thought it was absolutely gorgeous. I love the pin-up style anyway, so bringing that together with my favourite superhero was a no-brainer. My costume is not a direct copy of the art, but is based on it.

Retro Rogue

I think there are a couple more tweaks I want to make but when I had the chance of having a shoot with Jane of Red Rogue Photography, there was no way I wasn’t taking my new Rogue. I want to add Rogue’s iconic belt in somewhere, but with her signature colours and the white streaks incorporated in victory rolls, I think this is still recognisably Rogue. There’s always a risk with a concept like this that you lose the original character. This still feels like Rogue to me. I chose shapes that we do see her wear ‘off duty’, like her famous picnic outfit with the off the shoulder crop top in yellow polka dots. Those shapes with her uniform colours make a cosplay I am very pleased with. It also excites me that I got to use the Gambit necklace from Snikt and Bamf‘s Safe Harbour Card necklace box.

Pin-up cosplay

We even got the Coca-Cola bottle in. A pin-up classic. This version of Rogue is something different for me. It’s the first time I’ve messed with an existing character like this, and it’s a little more flesh-flashing than I’m generally comfortable with, but this cosplay feels playful and pin-up and cute.

I’ll be taking Pin-Up Rogue to MCM Birmngham (her first convention appearance!). If you want to be the first to see my cosplays, photos go up on my Facebook page, which you can like here.