Friday Round Up: Project 365 Days 57 to 63

Links, loves and the last week from Project 365.

Project 365

Day 57: Gelato from Joe Delucci’s. Day 58: Amazing Frazzles Scotch Egg from Pietanic. Day 59: Enchiladas for dinner! Day 60: Love this cover. Day 61: Logo mug. Day 62: Cocktails at Rose Villa Tavern. Day 63: New pop figure – materialising TARDIS

I have been no good at this healthy eating business this week. The lovely Joe Delucci’s sent me a couple of their gelato flavours to try. You can read my thoughts here, but spoiler alert, they didn’t last long. On Saturday, David and I headed over to the Sunflower Lounge for lunch. The fabulous Pietanic are currently in residence in their kitchen, serving up gourmet pies and a range of sides. We tried the Frazzles Scotch Egg, which sounds odd but may be the best thing I’ve ever eaten. It was beautifully cooked. David and I were both blown away by it. The pies, with mash and gravy, were incredible too, of course.

Wednesday night was the next edition of Brumderland’s and Bitters and Twisted Seven Deadly Sins events. This week’s theme was Gluttony, hosted by the Rose Villa Tavern. There’ll be a full post up in a few days, but we had a lot of fun. Much vodka was drunk.

This week’s links:
Couple cosplay at London Super Comic Con.
Some background on Kesha and Dr Luke.
Letting female characters be a mess.
How not to piss off Google.
How to boost blog traffic.

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