Cosplay 101: Who Should I Cosplay?

Cosplay 101

I see this question asked so much. Who should I cosplay? The answer, quite simply? WHOEVER YOU WANT!

Ok, this would be a pretty short post if I left it there, so here’s some things to consider when choosing a character to cosplay.

What do you love?

Think about your very favourite movies, games, TV shows and characters. Anyone stand out to you? What about costumes you love? If you’ve always been a huge Batman fan, or always secretly loved Hermione Granger’s Yule Ball dress that’s probably a good place to start. There aren’t any rules about what you can choose from. Games, fan-art, your own D&D character, movies, books, anime…you name it, someone has cosplayed it.

Can I actually replicate this?

Before setting your heart on something, consider the logistics. Can this cosplay be constructed with a quick round of eBay and stuff out of your wardrobe, or does it need a full build? Can you build it? Can you buy a ready-made costume or commission someone to make it for you if you can’t make it yourself? What will it cost? Figure out if all these answers are acceptable to you. Don’t send yourself insane trying to build crazy Worbla armour if that’s more than you really want to take on.

How will I feel wearing this?

Are you going to be happy with the amount of flesh on show? Is it going to be insanely uncomfortable or hot to wear all day? Figure out where your comfort zone is and apply it to the costume you choose.

Will anyone know who I’m supposed to be?

And do you care? Not all costumes have to be mainstream. If you want to cosplay something obscure just for you, then go for it.