The Weekend Vlog – A Christmas Wedding

This weekend, the vlog was a short one I’m afraid. I was home with family in Cardiff, decorating the house for Christmas. I feel so Christmassy now after that. I am so excited to go back again for actual Christmas! I was also back for the wedding of an old school friend, which was super lovely. I didn’t feel comfortable shoving a load of someone else’s wedding on YouTube, so it’s short but sweet!

Normal vlogging actually won’t resume next week either…

Next weekend will be a bumper edition, as I have a four day weekend! I’ll most likely start vlogging Thursday night (Star Wars day!) and finish some time Monday in time to edit and upload for Monday night as usual.

Hope your weekends were awesome, guys!

Wedding photo booth

Photo booths are the best! Cosplay fans, this is our Sabre Tooth and two of Nurevelations Cosplay. We look a little different, huh?