Friday Round Up

Links, loves and Instagrams from the last week. It’s the Friday Round Up!

Friday Round Up

1. Photo booth silliness at a friend’s wedding. 2. Coffee break

Last weekend was the best. I headed off to Cardiff for a weekend of celebrations with friends and family. As you may have seen in the weekend vlog, Saturday was spent getting the Christmas decorations up at my Dad’s. We got the tree decorated and the house is super festive now, with everything covered in lights and garlands. I am so excited to be back there next week for Christmas. Saturday night was wonderful. I went to the wedding reception of one of my old school friends and his lovely new wife, who I knew at college. They’re a gorgeous couple, and the wedding was lovely. It was very surreal to be a part of the wedding of someone I’ve known so long, but I’m so pleased I got to celebrate with them. Guys, if you’re reading…I’ve already said it all. Thank you for making me a part of it. Huge, enormous love to you both!

There were about 8 of us from high school there, including some people I haven’t seen in years, so it was so good to catch up. We got our silly dance on, took over the photo booth and ate our weight in pick and mix sweets. Sunday was more family time and back home to Birmingham.

This week seems to have shot by. I am busy at work getting everything finished for the Christmas break, and I am so excited. By the time you read this, David and I will have seen Star Wars. Would you guys be interested in a review? Otherwise…no spoilers from me!

This week’s links:
Why Wonder Woman matters.
Instagram Husbands. This made me laugh a lot.
How to balance blogging and a full-time job.
Feeling guilty for not wanting children. Really thought-provoking piece.
Are we all Osgood? Interesting look at Osgood as the representation of Doctor Who fans.

Watching: Still Vlogmas. I’m hooked.

Reading: Shopping, Seduction & Mr Selfridge by Lindy Woodhead. I really enjoyed the ITV series about Selfridge’s. I love the London store a lot, and this book is really interesting. Harry Selfridge totally revolutionised shopping in the UK.

Listening to: