10 Life Lessons From Rupaul

Gentlemen, start your engines…

Rupaul life lessons The beauty of Netflix is that it’s never too late to discover a damn awesome show. I’ve just found, and become obsessed by, Rupaul’s Drag Race. Fierce drag queens, high camp and fabulous outfits? Of course I’m hooked. Host Rupaul has been around since the 80s, preaching self-love, glamour and going your own way. I think we could all learn some life lesson from Rupaul, the Queen of Drag.

  1. Nobody likes a bitch.
    “Throwing shade takes a bit of creativity. Being a bitch doesn’t.” Know the difference. A well-crafted comeback can be an essential weapon in your armoury, but bitchiness will get you nowhere.
  2. “Charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent.”
    Any Rupaul girl knows that’s the recipe for success, whether you’re a Queen or not.
  3. “You better work.” work Because who else is going to do it for you? You want something, you gotta work for it.
  4. “Practive living in the moment, how sweet it is right now.”
    Forget yesterday and don’t worry about tomorrow. Live in the now. Thanks, Rupaul.
  5. Don’t fuck it up.
    Simple, really.
  6. “We are all born naked, and the rest is drag.”
    Where you start from doesn’t matter. You can create whoever and whatever you want to be.
  7. Don’t listen to gossip about yourself.
    “What other people think of you is none of your business.” Your opinion of you is the one that counts.
  8. If they don’t support you, walk away.  sashay “I will support and encourage you with all the love in my heart, but if it’s not reciprocal, I gotta go.” Nobody needs friends who expect your support, but don’t give you any in return.
  9. Get out of your own way.
    “The biggest obstacle I ever faced was my own limited perception of myself.” Don’t limit yourself. Dream big, and girl, work. 
  10. “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

Can I get an amen?

Who knew you could learn so much from a 6’4″ man in stilettos.