Shooting with Cat Marie Intimate Portraits

I have been absolutely dying to share these pictures with you, but thanks to a mix-up with Mr Postman, I’ve only just got my mitts on them myself.

Birmingham makeover photoshoot

A few weeks ago, I went for a photoshoot with Cat Marie Intimate Portraits. Cat is a Birmingham based portrait photographer with a difference. Her goal is to bring out the true beauty inside women, and make them feel amazing.

She starts with a wardrobe consultation, which usually takes place over Skype. Of course, my laptop decided to implode, but Cat was immensely flexible, and ended up getting me to send pictures of what I was thinking of wearing, and we had a phonecall to follow up. She talked through my choices, advising on shape and colour she thought we would work. We also talked a lot about jewellery – most of my jewellery belonged to my Gran, and it was important to me to wear something of hers, rather than being swapped out into anything big and blingy. Technical issues aside, we pulled together a few different outfits, and Cat gave me lots of clear instruction on what I needed to bring and do on the day. I decided that I didn’t want to make any real decisions on hair and make-up. Cat’s the expert, after all, and half the fun of a makeover is seeing what someone else comes up with.

Birmingham Portrait Photography


I arrived the shoot, make-up free, and dressed down in jeans. Cat’s make-up artist soon got to work and had me in heated rollers, while the three of us chatted about the shoot to come. Cat and her make-up artist, Gemma, are both super lovely people, and we were soon gossiping away like old friends. Gemma was especially helpful, talking me through what she was doing and giving me some insider tips on keeping curls on my super flat hair! If that woman can get curl into my hair, she can do anything with anybody’s, frankly. When I do my own make-up, I’m usually a cat-eye liner and a red lippy kind of girl. Gemma went for a very different look than I usually do, with a pretty, pink lip (until the red frock came out, anyway), a subtle smokey eye and quite heavy blush. I loved it. The eye make-up especially was incredible. I’ve never worn false lashes before in my life, but the volume they brought was amazing. The colours Gemma used really pulled the different shades out of my eyes, showing the green in them, rather than just brown. I’ve decided I’d like Gemma to do my make-up everyday. Gemma finished off with big, bouncy curls, which excited me greatly. I love curly hair on others, but can’t keep so much as a wave in mine. Good work, Gemma!

Birmingham Portrait Photography

Now, with the cosplay, I am getting more used to being photographed, but often still find it immensely awkward, and I never quite know what to do with myself. Not so with Cat. Every pose was carefully explained, right down to the position of my hands, and how to smile. For someone who isn’t that comfortable in front of the camera, it was incredibly helpful. The whole atmosphere was good old fashioned, girls together, fun. I didn’t stop laughing the whole time. Cat put me completely at ease, and I felt confident that she was getting the best possible pictures out of me. Being relaxed when you’re being photographed makes all the difference, and Cat clearly knows what she’s doing. Honestly, I’d have walked out of there a happy girl, end pictures or not. I felt fantastic.

And the pictures? Well, see for yourself. I love them. I am so, so delighted with them and cannot stop showing them off to people. I look like me, I think, in that I am recognisable, without the standard photoshopping out my freckles that I usually get from photographers I work with. But I look like the very best possible me. I didn’t know I could look like that. Naturally, the photos are now in pride of place in my living room (and my mum’s…).

Cat Marie reveal wall


Every aspect of Cat’s service is carefully thought out, from wardrobe consultation through to the final ‘reveal’ wall, where she lays out a selection of your pictures for you to choose from. I picked three, which were packed beautifully for me in tissue paper and ribbon. The digital copies were posted out to me a few days later, in a pretty presentation box, again wrapped with ribbon. Those little touches take this experience to the next level. I cannot recommend Cat enough. If you’d like to find out more about Cat, or book her yourself, you can find her website here.

This is not a sponsored post, however I did receive a voucher through my work for a makeover, photoshoot and £100 to spend on pictures. All other costs were covered by myself. All opinions are my own and honest – I really do love Cat that much. You can read more about my disclaimer policy here