Made To Last – I.N.O.X Watches

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Who’s heard the C-word already this year? No, not that C-word. Christmas. It’s creeping up on us. The supermarkets are already starting to sneak in the Christmas aisles, and one of the girls in my office has taken to horrifying the rest of us with a running tally on how many weekends there are between now and the festive season. I won’t traumatize you, but it was a small enough number to make me slightly terrified at the prospect of all those presents to find.

Now, I don’t know about you, but the men in my life are the ones I find hardest to shop for, and I don’t think I’m the only one. It’s almost time for my Mum’s annual, ‘What on Earth do you think your Granddad would like?’ stress out and my own time to begin secret missions to investigate my Dad’s book/CD/DVD collection and consult his girlfriend to avoid double purchases. 


I think Victorinox have got Christmas presents for your favourite man sorted though. Just look at these bloody beautiful I.N.O.X. watches! Victorinox are the clever people behind the Swiss Army knife, and are celebrating the 130th anniversary of the company with a range of hard-wearing watches.

With 130 years of experience, these guys know what they’re at. I.N.O.X. (from Inox, French for ‘stainless steel’) combines all the things Victorinox do best. If like my Dad, yours is the outdoors sort, the fact that these watches are all but impossible to break is probably appealing. If you feel like testing it out, you can drop these watches from 10ft onto concrete, drive a 64-ton tank over them, shove them in the washing machine for two hours, or take them underwater to a depth of 200 meters, and they will be totally fine. Now that really is hard-wearing. 


It helps that they look good too. I like a good chunky watch, and these definitely fit that. They look tough, but with a sleek, classic design, available in black, khaki or navy blue. Personally, I love the blue. It’s still subtle, but a little more interesting than your basic black or silver watch. The watches all come with a removable silicone ‘bumper’ which fits around the case to give the watch an extra layer of protection, without compromising on design.


Maybe it’s the Hereford in me, but I can see this being an excellent option for those of you who’ve got army boys in your life. The watches are reinforced way beyond the levels of your standard timepiece, and designed to withstand ‘unusual vibration, shock and temperature changes’. It makes sense; Victorinox began by equipping the Swiss Army (duh), and are still producing knives used by the military of a dozen armies and NASA astronauts.

I promise it’ll make your life less stressful to get your Christmas shopping started now, even if you’d rather pretend it’s still ages away. Anyone else already planning their gift buying?