Friday Round Up – Bumper Edition

Links, loves and lomograms from the last….something…number of weeks. Sorry, I moved house, life got mad there.

Friday Round Up

1. If there’s something that makes no sense going on at The Custard Factory, it’s probably The Gadget Show filming.
2. Christmas trees ready for inspection…already.
3. New Shoes!
4. Cardiff Bay
5.  Yarn bombing in Cardiff Bay
6. Fountains at work are finally working again!
7. This bus is NOT SORRY!
8. Amazing new street art going up for City Of Colours Festival.
9. Watching Lee Evans from Heineken’s executive box at Capital FM Arena in Nottingham. #workperks
10. Street Art beginnings
11. Cherry picker back out for that amazing piece
12. More City Of Colours work in progress.

I really have no idea when I last updated you all on life, other than moving, so let’s just skip the middle bit and jump to the most recent. As of Tuesday I am now back online, after two BT engineers spent four hours trying to figure out the mad flats I live in. Internet, I bloody missed you. I am back to my evenings on double-screening, with blogs on the laptop and Angel in the DVD player. Bliss. While we’re on TV topics; yes to the new Doctor. Loving Capaldi so far. Also, look away now if you don’t want Great British Bake Off spoilers. Bincident. WHAT WAS THAT? Poor Iain. I’d have thrown a tantrum too, I think, if I was him.

In others life happenings, I had a somewhat unexpected adventure last night. The lovely team at Alfie Bird’s invited me along to join them in being spoilt by their Heineken rep. Ten minutes after the invite, I was in a taxi to Nottingham. Heineken treated us to a heaving table of food (so. many. chicken. wings) at Hooters, which was an entirely surreal experience. I was somewhat disturbed by the amount of young kids in there; I don’t get the Hooters as a family eaterie thing at all. WEIRD. Less weird and way more awesome was watching Lee Evans from Heineken’s executive box. I’m a little delicate today, but the show was fantastic. One low-point for me though, which kind of puts me off Lee Evans a bit, was his choice to tell a domestic violence joke. I’ve seen Lee Evans a few times now, and always really enjoyed his comedy, so was quite shocked and disappointed when he made a series of jokes about his wife’s ability to take a punch. It gave me a bit of a jolt; I really, really hate jokes like that. Not funny.

I’ve got a selection of lunatics I call mates staying this weekend, and as is usual with that lot, I have no real idea of who is arriving when. I guess we’ll see who turns up on the doorstep later.

Despite my lack of internet, I’ve still managed to bookmark some links.
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